Martha, My Love was so named after this song because not many people can say that they share a name with Paul McCartney's old sheepdog, or so the story goes.

    I even run an Etsy shop with a name inspired by the lyrics.

    I started Martha, My Love as a fresh space to share my love of clothes, general prettiness and sharing my opinions with strangers. My blog varies from the serious stuff - chronic illness, politics, feminism, mental health etc - to the joyfully frivolous - shiny shoes, red lipstick and the perfect G&T. If any of that excites you we're going to get on fabulously.

    I live in Manchester with my husband and which ever of our neighbours cats we can coax into the house (we rent - boo). I'm busy building a career in creative events (@GirlGangMcr - check us out!) and do lots of odds and ends to keep myself occupied and pay the bills. In the meantime, I blog, take photos and make jewellery. And cake. Amongst other things.

    You can find me ranting on Twitter or pretending to be more pulled together than I am on Instagram, over @marthamylove_

    Come say hello!

    It's nice that you're here. x

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