• Tuesday, 19 September 2017

    Lidl Coats and Manchester Cats

    I turned twenty four yesterday and jeez, I feel old. Apologies to any older readers that I've just massively offended by saying that. It's just that, twenty four means I've got one year left to twenty five and for some reason that makes me feel like this is the year I really need to get my life together. Like suddenly from the age of twenty five onwards, people expect you to be a real adult and I'm just so not there yet. Or I certainly don't feel like it. 

    I spent my birthday morning very excitingly scrabbling through Lidl aisles trying to get my hands on this Heidi Klum designed coat that I'd spotted on Look's insta stories about a week ago. Because nothing says sophisticated adult like hunting for a bargain Pat-Butcher-inspired coat. The afternoon was dedicated to smushing some very fluffy kitties at Manchester's Cat Cafe and the evening trying every single sugary, over-the-top cocktail the new Media City Alchemist has to offer. We were home by 10.30pm, so maybe I have got this grown up thing down. It was a Monday night after all.
    This dress was an ASOS purchase that was one of those things that had been transferred between my saved items and basket several times and I'm so pleased with myself for actually purchasing it. Give me anything with a rose print and I'm sold. The boots were a birthday present from one of best friends who quote 'took a bit of a risk, so I've kept the receipt.' They're gold and shiny and proof that she knows me so incredibly well, so thanks babe if you're reading this!
    The Cat Cafe certainly delivers an almost obscene amount of fluffiness. Which is always a good thing. We had a lovely time having tea with the cats, it's a very relaxing space, designed well with the cats comfort clearly the top priority. I know some people think cat cafes aren't the kindest to animals, but here definitely ensures the cats are happy and cared for. They have a private space to escape to if they don't want to be around people and the rules are very strict about not disturbing sleeping cats.

    My only issue is that you don't get very long in there! £12 covers an hour, with unlimited drinks. Which compared to London's cat cafe (that we went to a few years ago) for £5 for two hours (plus whatever you eat or drink), feels like rather a lot. I definitely could have spent another hour there, but didn't feel like spending just under £50 for the two of us. I can't see us going again at that cost, whereas if we did ever live back in the East end, I could see us going to Lady Dinah's semi regularly. 
    Dress - Club L at ASOS
    Coat - Heidi Klum for Lidl
    Boots - M&S (Gift) 
    Belt - Primark
    Rucksack - ASOS

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