• Monday, 4 September 2017

    24th Birthday Wishlist

    So apparently I'm turning twenty four in a couple of weeks, which might have me freaking out a little bit. I mean, sure it's still fairly young, but I'm definitely edging towards mid, rather than early twenties. I mean, twenty-three is the last age there's a song written about until you're sixty four and I am very, very upset by that. Apparently I'm too old even for Blink 182. 

  • I've been after some flamingo fairy lights for as long as I can remember, because I basically live to torture Jay with my mission to fill our house with as much tat as possible.
  • It wouldn't be one of my wishlists without at least a couple of books and I've had Pretty Iconic by Sally Hughes on my to read list for quite some time now, she is fabulous.
  • Another book I'm after (as I bought it for my brother and it looked really good) is The Good Immigrant, because a birthday celebration is always a good excuse to learn more and experience some white guilt.  
  • Everybody should own some good red heels and my current ones are dying so I'm in desperate need to replace them with these pretty ones.
  • You know you're getting old when homeware makes up a good part of your wishlist, but a gold cake stand has been on my imaginary ideal home list for ages and H&M finally went and made this beauty.
  • Speaking of homeware, I've been after a new desk/dressing table for a while and I really like this simple desk from George.
  •  Like the rest of the world, I've been painfully lusting over the new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, it looks like the most beautiful one to date.
  • So I know this is crazy expensive and I think it's going to take a lot of saving before I get this, but I've been eyeing up a new camera lately. After doing some research the Canon EOS M3 looks like the perfect easy vlogging camera, that I'm wanting to get into for both myself and work. It'd be really useful to be able to easily film various events I work on. 
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