• Tuesday, 2 May 2017

    Metallic Midis, Metallic Shoes.

    Is there anything quite like the joy of swishing around in a full skirt? Nothing makes me quite as happy as the purchase of a new midi skirt and I dare say my collection is becoming somewhat excessive. But then, that depends on your definition of excessive. My wardrobe still closes, just, so that's okay, right? 

    I think crop tops and full midi skirts are becoming my safety net. When you grow up curvy you find out young that you look much better when your waist is pulled in and spend a long time being envious of your slim friends who can pull off baggy tops, boyfriend blazers and drop waists. I will never do casual well, so I shall fill my wardrobe with big, swishy skirts in various floral prints. I am somewhat of a one-trick-pony. 

    That being said, one of my other tricks / obsessions will always be metallics. I have many magpie tendencies, I am attracted to all things shiny and gold. Thus both this skirt and these shoes. Items both bought on sale in a state of grand excitement. I've worn these shoes to death and they're the comfiest things I've had on my feet in a very long time. God bless Clarks. And damn, I miss my old staff discount. Both are still in stock online.

    Sunglasses - Primark
    Necklace - Gift
    Top - Miss Selfridge via Charity Shop
    Skirt - ASOS
    Shoes - Clarks
    Jacket - ASOS


    1. The metallic shoes are so pretty love the fact it's rose gold.

      1. Thanks! Yeah, so do I. Obsessed with this shade of gold. :) x