• Friday, 26 May 2017

    Housework, Heartache and Sunshine at Last #LittleLoves 20-21/52

    What an unbelievable week. Here in Manchester you can quite literally feel the pain in the air. It's been a horrendous week, I never realised how different attacks like these would feel when it's literally in your home. So, I write this with a heavy heart still, but this post is about the positives, so let's talk about that instead. Surprisingly, I've been very busy. Girl Gang has had a jam-packed two weeks with four events within ten days, all wonderful, all very, very tiring. I am so pleased about this bank holiday weekend. It's so needed, lets hope the sun stays around, eh?

    I've not been reading many physical books this week, but I did catch this excellent cartoon that I think everybody who's ever got annoyed at their partner about housework should read. Take some time to have a look here. It's fantastic.

    I got through all of season three of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and I loved it. Still full of it's quirky wit and excellent pop culture references. I never thought it'd be the sort of thing I liked, but I ended up adoring it. God bless Tina Fey. I'm also currently re-watching Call the Midwife, because I clearly need more of a reason to sob lately...

    I've been having a serious nostalgic kick this week and have listened to nothing but My Chemical Romance and various other emo bands from the mid noughties. Literally, I don't think there's a more iconic album from my teenage life than this one.

    Well, I've been doing a lot of creative things with Girl Gang this week but very little was documented. I have, however, made an attempt at pulling my garden into a somewhat vaguely pretty state. We have a tiny grey back yard and it's the ugliest thing ever, it also gets very little sun, so any plants that I want to grow have to be pushed up against one of our walls in an attempt to catch some rays.
    I haven't documented much prettiness of what I've been wearing, but I did take this wonderfully flattering snap whilst using the face mask everyone's been obsessing over on Instagram. It is of course, the Body Shop's Himalayan Charcoal Mask. I do really like it, but I won't go on about it because there are a billion blogger reviews out there on it. But it gets a thumbs up from me!

    As said earlier, there's been a lot of Girl Gang events going on! We ran the launch of our See My Selfie exhibition, another Speed Mate-ing, an alternative life drawing class and our collaboration with Manchester Museum of the opening of their new exhibition - Object Lessons. I did my first bit of life modelling (clothed, cheeky!), which was a very weird and wonderful experience at the same time. I also curated a mini exhibition of my shoes for the Manchester museum event. That was harder to pick out than I thought it would be...

    My word, I am ready for the weekend. Hope you all have a fun three day weekend!
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