• Monday, 22 May 2017

    Every Single Excuse Not to Vote and Why It's Not Good Enough

    Okay, I have been thinking about writing this post for about a week, but in my last minute fabulousness, it's only just been cobbled together. But that's fine, because in grand British tradition, the number of people trying to register to vote will triple at exactly 11.45pm tonight. Or at least, that's what happened last time. The deadline's midnight tonight, so get going!

    Disclaimer: I am massively biased in favour of Labour. But this is my blog and I'll be biased if I want to. Yes, I'd love you all to go and agree with me, but most of all, I just want you to vote. So here is every single excuse I've heard of for reasons not to vote and why I don't think any of them are good enough.

    My vote won't make a difference!

    Yes it bloody well will. The amount of people that didn't vote in the UK at the last general election was larger than any group of votes for one particular party. Not to be too biased this early on, but our current government gets most of it's votes from older people. It's relying on younger people not voting, to not care. They gain power off of your apathy.

    They're all the same anyway...
    No, they're really not. Yes, a lot of them might look very similar, given that the majority of them are middle-aged, upper class white men. But it is changing, slowly. And more importantly policies and opinions differ so much from party to party. UKIP want to ban the burkha, the Lib Dems want to legalise cannabis, Labour wants four new bank holidays, the Conservatives want to bring back fox hunting and the SNP want an independent Scotland.

    I don't know who to vote for.
    Well, good for you there's a quiz for that! And everyone loves quizzes. This is not hard to do, takes minimal effort and offers an excellent break down of which policies of what party you agree with. Try it here.

    I like *insert politician here*, but they'll never get in.
    Well, no, not with that attitude they won't.

    I like *insert political party here* but don't like they're leader.
    Well, that's just stupid. A leader is one person, the face of the much bigger, much more important set of ideals represented by this party. It's as stupid as voting for someone based on your favourite colour.

    Our system is rubbish/corrupt/generally awful.
    You might have a point here. But it's not going to change by doing nothing. You can not support a system 100% and still want the best person to run it, despite it's flaws.

    It doesn't really affect me.
    No, it doesn't. Unless you ever get ill and can't afford private health care, or you want to buy a house someday, or you think that the ivory trade should be illegal, or your upset by the number of homeless people on your streets, or if you ever might need a safe abortion, or if you care about the next generations educational standards, or if you have a student loan or might want to study further one day, or a ton of other reasons. You're getting the point, right?

    Also, remember this?

    Yeah, people have actually died for your right to vote. And people still are doing all over the world. So don't spit on the sisterhood and just go and register to vote already. It takes two minutes, seriously.

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