• Saturday, 13 May 2017

    Dollibox Review: May

    I recently decided to treat myself and pay for a three month subscription to Dollibox. Beauty boxes have been around for ages now, but I had never seen one that really appealed to me before. Dollibox is pink, fun and has no contract. Each box came to £9.50 each, which isn't a bad price at all, considering this box's products RRPs comes to just under £60. Four out of five products were full size as well, so it's good value. It's presented well and doesn't use too much extra packaging (my biggest pet peeve, have you seen what size boxes Amazon stuff comes in lately?). So let's get on with the products.

    Deborella Mermaid Necklace
    This is a promotional tool, as it's obviously not a beauty product. It's a cute little necklace and having a look on the Etsy shop, they're products are very sweet. This particular necklace with 'Mermaid Life' written across it just isn't my style. I've never really got on board with the whole mermaid/unicorn trend thing, so I'm probably going to give it away to either a friend or possibly for my first blog giveaway. You can have a look at their Etsy store here.

    Cougar Rich Honey Moisturiser
    My word this stuff smells good and my skin feels really nice after using it just once. I'm not sure there's much else you can really say about a moisturiser, but I'm pleased with this little bottle. 

    Focallure Face Blush
    I'm always after a nice blush and although this one is nice, it seems just a tiny bit too dark for me. I've only tried it on once without my full face on though and it's possible that I might be able to make it work with clever blending. 

    Seacret Makeup Removing Wipes
    These make up wipes retail for £19.95. I know, who would ever spend that much money on make up wipes? Don't get me wrong, as make up wipes go my face did feel incredible after using these, but still, jeez. I tend not to use make-up wipes as I'm a dedicated micellar water user. I think I'll reserve these for over-night bags.

    Leopard Cat Eyebrow Palette
    I love love love the packaging for this. Because give me anything covered in leopard print and I'm on board. The product itself seems really nice, it goes on smoothly and seems to last a while, but once again, it is a tiny bit too dark for me as well. Again, I might be able to blend it in nicely with another shade.

    Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack
    I've not used this yet, but I'm rather pleased with it's inclusion. I was looking for a deep conditioner the other day and I think there's enough in this for hopefully three treatments since I cut my hair again.


    1. I love the sounds of that deep conditioner, would be great to hear your thoughts on it once you're done! I am so glad I found your blog by the way, I love finding new blogs like yours to read! x


    2. I use coconut oil for literally everything so many great goodies in this box