• Sunday, 7 May 2017

    Amsterdam Travel Guide Three: What to Eat

    Is anybody else's favourite part of going on holiday the excuse to eat whatever you like? Well, maybe not my favourite part, but it's certainly an appealing factor. I love food, which I'm sure none of you are surprised about. And Amsterdam is the land of the puddings, my favourite part. When I research places before I go on holiday, I tend to avoid reading the 'where to eat' guides. Whenever I go away I'm usually the kind to just wander the streets and find food wherever looks interesting. It has to be something special for me to go and seek out a specific restaurant. So if I mention a specific place, you can guarantee it's going to be fantastic, but I'm mostly going to just talk about what you must eat. Incidentally, nearly everything mentioned is sweet. I honestly did eat a couple of vegetables whilst there, but they're just not as interesting, right?

    Dutch Apple Pie
    You know then you go away and come back and everyone asks you how it was and you always tell them about the same thing? Well, my conversation went like this.
    "Hey Martha, you went to Amsterdam, how was it?"
    "Great. I had this amazing apple pie."
    "Oh... really? What about the museums?"
    "Yeah they were great. But this apple pie... boy."
    Yep. It was that good. Dutch apple pie is like a wonderful combination of apple pie and crumble together at once, with beautiful cinnamon flavourings. Served cold with whipped cream (the Dutch seemed to like their whipped cream), it was glorious. I've told Jay this is what I want instead of a birthday cake this year. I'm going to break my golden rule here and tell you about how beautiful this particular pub was. Cafe Van Daele is right there when you get off at Dam Square tram stop and not only is the apple pie out of this world, but the wine is cheap and the G&Ts huge. I want to live here.
    Dutch Pancakes
    The Dutch pancake is as if the American pancake and the French crepe had a wild night together and produced the most beautiful lovechild to ever exist. Seriously, it was that good. Like a crepe but with just the right level of thickness to make it a substantial, this was a beauty. Apples seem to be the most traditional topping, from what I can tell, but Nutella is everywhere. Plenty of cafes and places serve them so it is essential that you find some whilst you're there.
    Waffles and Pastries
    If you're not a pancake lover (we can't be friends, but that's a different story), Amsterdam seems to be the capital for waffles and all kinds of other delightful pastry goodies. You can pop into a supermarket and grab a mini apple turnover for 35 cents or stop by any food stand and pick up a chocolate waffle for a couple of euros. Both things I highly recommend you do. 
    Aardbei - The Strawberry Cafe
    Speaking of pastries, whilst wondering around looking for a brunch option, we stumbled across this wonderful cafe serving nothing but strawberries. For about 5 euros, you can get a coffee, a smoothie or yoghurt and a croissant with strawberry jam. Excellent value and excellent taste. If you're looking for somewhere quick to stop off, you can't go wrong with this place.


    1. I love sweets! And everything looks so yummy. I'm craving a apple pie like that one!

      xx, Melissa

      1. You definitely need to try it! It's incredible. X