• Monday, 8 May 2017

    Amsterdam Travel Guide Four: The Mini Museums

    As I've previously stated, Amsterdam has the most museums per square meter than any other city in the world. One of the top reasons I love it. Alongside the larger museums that I've already documented, the city is full of smaller museums, often built in canal side houses over a few floors. I've got a list of my favourite ones that we went to, nearly all of which were free with the I Amsterdam card that we had purchased before our trip. Most of the museums weren't huge fans of pictures being taken so most of these were snapped on my phone rather sneakily.

    Museum of Bags and Purses
    So let's start with one that will definitely appeal to the fashion bloggers amongst us. The museums of bags and purses is laid out over three floors and shows a wonderful timeline of fashion and accessories through the past couple of hundred years. Including designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jimmy Choo and Valentino in both the exhibitions and the gift shops (pictured) amongst famous politicians bags - a representation of the Clinton's pet cat socks was rather delightful - the museum is well varied and interesting. Definitely worth popping in to, but the gift shop will give you serious shopping pangs. If you're anything like me, at least.
    FOAM Photography Museum
    If you're into modern art or any kind of photography, FOAM is worth a visit. Set in a larger canal house with a very modern layout, FOAM seems to be a quite well respected gallery within the city. The exhibitions were interesting and modern and featured some unique installation pieces, it's a good way to spend an hour or so.
    Sex Museum
    Ah, the first thing a friend said to me when I told her I was heading to Amsterdam was 'Martha, you have to go to the sex museum.' And she was damn right. It's silly, it's tacky and it's outrageous in some parts - if you have a few prudish bones in your body, I'd perhaps give it a miss. But if you're up for a giggle and to see some very graphic pornographic images, it's definitely worth a see and for 5 euros each, very cheap. Obviously I have no pictures from the inside, for quite clear reasons. Expect to come out discussing the way fashion and feminism affects pubic hair throughout the decades.
    Katten Kabinet - The Cat Museum
    Possibly my favourite place in the whole city. As soon as we heard there was a Cat museum, we knew we had to go. Though perhaps cat gallery would be a better term. With lots of famous art pieces featuring cats and even a couple of real life kitties curled up (who were both very cuddle friendly) this place is a cat lovers dream. 
    The Cromhouthus and the Biblical Museum
    Firstly, how incredible are these unicorn busts? #HallwayGoals The Cromhouthus museum is dedicated to the story of a very rich, historic family who lived in one of these most coveted canal houses. Excellent if you're a history buff, but even better if you just want to Instagram some serious prettiness. The whole place is full of beautiful decor and incredible floral arrangements that will give you severe interior envy. On the top two floors features the Biblical museum, which appeals to both me and Jay as we're both church kids through and through. Both very interesting, but in different ways.

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