• Wednesday, 8 March 2017

    Three Personal Heroines of the Year // International Women's Day 2017

    International Women's Day is slowly becoming one of my favourite day of the year. The internet is full of incredible women sharing stories, doing amazing things and shouting out to the people in their life they love. I am so down for this sort of sisterhood. In celebration, here are three women that have been inspiring me lately.

    Michelle Obama
    If you don't know why Michelle Obama is top of this list, then you must have been living under a rock for a while. 2016 was a pretty terrible year for women, politically. The rise of President Trump has been a terrifying time and yet Michelle Obama has remained the epitome of class, dignity and grace. She has encouraged young women to stand up and use their voices, to celebrate who they are and has felt our pain with us. She fights without fear and is everything I aspire to be. Michelle for 2020, right?

    Juno Dawson
    Juno Dawson is a recent discovery of mine (although, I'm 99.99% certain she existed before I knew about her, but you never know). She is a trans woman, author and activist who writes an excellent column for Glamour magazine. You should definitely check it out. Her column basically answers all the questions you've ever had about what it's like to be transgender (except the rude ones, which you shouldn't be asking anyway) in an un-patronising, un-accusatory way. As a white, cis woman I know very little about what it is to be transgender and I've found her column an excellent way to educate myself. She is a rather cool girl.

    JK Rowling
    Always one of my favourite women, she has triumphed herself this last year by continuing to be the sassiest woman on twitter. Queen Rowling, I salute you.

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