• Thursday, 16 March 2017

    Spring Shopping Wishlist

    The Spring ranges have dropped! Like a couple of months ago, I know. But I've only recently had the chance to browse the shops recently. I'm definitely enjoying the slightly warmer weather and I'm craving lighter clothes and brighter colours. And although I am very much cash-poor right now, that doesn't stop me from creating wardrobes in my head. And on the internet, for you lucky people here.

    1. A black embroidered dress.
    I'm obsessed with the embroidery trend, who isn't? It's just a beautiful, beautiful thing. And I desperately want a black dress with floral embroidery. I dream about skipping through city streets with bare legs, a denim jacket and huge sunglasses. Because that's the kind of thing I daydream about. I'm desperate for this one from Marks and Spencer, although it might technically be navy.
    2. A denim shirt.
    Whenever spring comes round, I just want to wear light denim and lace everything. Despite living in Manchester and still being surrounded by rain. Jeans have been a bit of a new thing for me in the past year after a seven year long boycott. I do love my denim jacket, but now I'm after a shirt. I used to own the most perfect Ralph Lauren shirt that I found in a charity shop for a fiver. I have no idea why or when I got rid of it, so bad past me. I really like this simple one from ASOS.
    3. A mini bag.
    I really, really like the mini bag trend. But I did just buy a small rucksack so definitely can't justify it. But that's okay, because you can just buy it instead. I adore this mini gold satchel from ASOS, because as you all know, I'm a sucker for anything gold and shiny. I'm very much like a magpie in that respect. Or a niffler, to those in the magical world.
    4. Straw cloche hat.
    I am such a hat person. My hat collection is getting pretty out of hand lately, but I don't care. Since indulging in a purple velvet cloche hat for the winter, I've been obsessed with the idea of a straw one. They're just so girly and sweet and they prevent scalp sun-burn, which is very, very important. This hat is also from Marks and Spencer.
    5. Star print everything.
    The star print trend comes round every few years and I love it. Every time I think about it, I remember this picture that I tore out of Vogue when I was fourteen and had on my bedroom wall for years. But I'm yet to own anything star print, I always mean to get involved with this trend, but just haven't for whatever reason. I love this shirt from Dorothy Perkins.

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