• Friday, 10 March 2017

    Shiny new shoes, International Women's Day and a huge To-Read pile #LittleLoves 10/52

    Once again, I have had another insanely busy week and I'm partly loving it and partly about to fall asleep wherever I stand. Girl Gang's next event is on Saturday so I will do some serious crashing out on Sunday. I've had a wedding, two birthday celebrations and a ton of work to do. Hope you're all having fun and slightly less manic weeks than me!

    Due to my schedule being the way it is right now, pleasurable reading has gone out the window. But, boy, do I have a stack to come back to. A combination of World Book Day, a free trial of Amazon Prime and the influence of International Women's Day has resulted in me placing a fair few orders of new books to add to the 'to read' pile. I actually have a holiday coming up (which I'll talk about in a bit) so I intend to get some serious reading done then.
    Other than Netflix binges of old Fresh Meat episodes, I have managed to catch a couple of the new Stacey Dooley documentaries on iPlayer. I've been a fan of hers for a while, she seems to approach quite undocumented topics and makes them very accessible. Plus, the way she says 'girls' in her Luton accent makes me giggle.

    I haven't had the chance to listen to anything new lately, but I've been busy burning a lot of mixed CDs for the Girl Gang event coming up on Saturday. Which are full of some wonderful, talented ladies.

    Part of my job for Bridesmaids on Saturday (have I mentioned that already? Manchester babes - get on this) has been to make and stuff the party boxes to be handed out. I've done a lot of tissue paper cutting, packing almonds into organza bags and designing new merchandise, which has kept me very busy.

    I bought some new shoes. They're shiny and rose gold and very exciting and I got 20% discount on them, so I was very pleased. I also bought a cute, leopard print cropped jumper from the TKMaxx clearance section and I rather like it. I think I've taken the whole 'treat yourself' thing a little too seriously lately.

    Well, what a week. In one week I've had speed mate-ing, a wedding (that was planned in a week - separate post on that to come), a nine year old's birthday party and Jay's 25th birthday celebrations to attend to. It's been a rather fun one and there's been a lot of cake. That has not necessarily mixed well with the exercise regime I've been doing. Very excitingly, I finally got to tell Jay that in celebration of his quarter-of-a-century birthday, we're off to Amsterdam in April for a short holiday! I've been desperate to go to Amsterdam for ages, there's so many good museums there that I want to see, which is probably the most grown up thing I've ever said about an upcoming holiday.

    Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


    1. Oh wow you do sound busy sounds like you had one week to celebrate too. Love the shoes. Speed mating is like where to meet friends? lol Hope you get back into the swing of things treating yourself never a bad thing. #littleloves

      1. Yes, I need a lot of sleep now! Yeah, speed mate-ing was an event aimed at people who just want to make new friends. Kind of like a real life tinder for friendship. :) x

    2. I am exhausted just reading that Martha, you are crazy busy at the moment! It sounds like some good stuff though, I love the idea of Girl Gang I bet the hard work pays off with some really fun events. Loving the shoes! xx