• Thursday, 9 March 2017

    Personal Picks from the M&S Sale

    Oh, Marks and Spencer, how I love you. But also, I can't afford you. So I adore your sales, because I can sometimes, very occasionally, afford things from it. I have such a craving to have a proper wardrobe overhaul, which isn't good because I definitely can't afford that. I mean, I get these cravings every time the new season drops, so it's not a new feeling. Just lately I feel very unsatisfied with my current clothing options. So if anyone feels like treating me, here are a few things I'm lusting after.
    (From left to right)
    1. I love me a good tote bag, I always carry one with me since the plastic shopping bag charge. Particularly if it's witty and this one is.
    2. Jay told me I looked like a white girl that was trying to look like a Rastafarian when I tried this hat on in the shop. I disagreed and I still want it, because it's cute.
    3. I love the embroidery trend and this top is a very cheap, simple way to get in on it.
    4. I really dig midi dresses and floral prints. Just in case you didn't know.
    5. I know this is a pyjama top, I know it's technically not acceptable to wear PJs out the house, but they're M&S PJs and I like the print.
    6. For those of you that love the flute sleeve trend, but are a little bit scared of it, this lace top is lovely.
    7. This top is the sort of thing I can imagine showing to my mum and gaining an approving smile from. Because clothes invoke strong reactions in Smith women clearly.
    8. I am yet to dive into the wide-leg trouser thing, but I do rather like the pattern on these bad boys.
    9. Again, another top I can imagine my mum liking. And also makes me think of Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada. It's very cute and Spring-like.
    10. Another spring themed jumper. Because light layers are key this season.
    11. I just rather like this cushion. It's a bit granny-chic, but I think it's cute.
    12. I am enjoying the tiny bag trend. And I like yellow. Hence, I want this bag.

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