• Friday, 3 March 2017

    Bath bombs, pancakes and insane amounts of work #LittleLoves 8 & 9/52

    Lovely readers, I have been insanely busy. And I don't mean that in an 'ooh I'm a blogger and it's cool to be busy and a #GirlBoss' kind of way. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I literally mean I have not stopped worked for the past two weeks. Thus why I missed last week's Little Loves post and am therefore combining two weeks into one. I do apologise. So let's have a quick catch up.

    My agency have had me working full time for the past six or seven weeks, which has been great for my bank account, but not so great for all my other projects. Some of which have included a job interview, planning a wedding in a week, running the marriage course, undertaking a ridiculous exercise routine in the name of Lent and organising Girl Gang Manchester's events for Wonder Woman including Speed Mate-ing and Bridesmaids. All very exciting stuff! But all very tiring stuff. Shout out to Jay, who has excelled himself in cooking and domestic duties this week whilst I've been sitting in front of a laptop practically all evening long every night. He even got involved with some of my Girl Gang duties and stuffed 1000 pink almonds into 200 pink bags for our party bags. There's still a few tickets left for Bridesmaids, Manchester babes!

    Once again, my actual physical book reading has been pretty low. I did make myself take a nice, long bath with my copy of March's Red. I only remembered I hadn't read it, when April's issue came through the door!

    Lent has also started and for those of you unfamiliar with it, traditionally involves a 40 day fast. Most people in the modern world choose to just give up something, which I am always terrible at. This year I've decided to take up something instead, I am making sure I exercise every day in Lent and whilst doing so I'm listening to a daily devotional. I'm using '40 Days with the Holy Spirit' by R.T Kendall on audible and so far I'm rather enjoying it.

    Since we actually set up our TV I've had nothing but Comedy Central on lately. Which has meant endless amounts of Friends repeats. It's been pretty glorious. I did watch the new Kathryn Ryan special on Netflix and I have to say, I wasn't amazed. I think a lot of her content edged on the side of a bit too white feminist for my liking. Bits of it did really make me laugh, but I'm just a bit unsure as to why it's been so hyped up.

    As I've been putting together a playlist for my sister's wedding, I've had to find myself some more traditional romantic songs. Which are not my speciality. It's involved a lot of John Legend and Jason Mraz.

    I've been killing myself with crafting lately and took myself on a jaunt to Abakhan. Only yesterday I had a personal achievement where I finished making four ties. They're not the best thing I've ever made, but I think they'll look fabulous in the photos.
    There were also lots of Pancakes made! Pancake day is my favourite day of the year and as I was working stupidly hard, Jay just kept bringing me more. Have I told you how great my husband is lately?

    This top is my favourite thing to work out in. Work out, get strong, punch Donald Trump. It's a pretty good motivator.

    Last weekend was a busy one. We spent Friday night at the Royal Exchange Theatre seeing the House of Bernada Alba. Bless their Friday night cheap tickets. I was rather impressed, it was a theatre company that used entirely disabled actresses and therefore made all of their performances accessible. It's quite remarkable to see blind and deaf actresses doing their thing and communicating a story so well. Also, Kathryn Hunter played the lead, aka Mrs Figg from the Potter series and me and Jay may have had a tiny freak-out. The rest of the weekend was spent getting on with odd jobs and just for something different, even more work.

    The weekend before last was a fairly quiet one, Jay was working on the Saturday so I spent the day in Preston getting many puppy cuddles. I'm still not coping with how big my baby Harry Pupper is getting.

    As I'm writing this on Thursday and scheduling it for Friday morning, I can't tell you how Speed Mate-ing went, so I shall update you on a later date. I'm very excited about it though! This upcoming weekend looks to be just as busy as the past and then next week is all about Jay's birthday and Girl Gang's Bridesmaids screening. I'll be human again after March is over, hopefully. Hope you've all had great weeks!

    Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


    1. I still can't get enough pancakes it's not good but I love them. lol I have never actually try a bath bomb but I must get some now. Everyone always raves about them. Hope you have had a good weekend #littleloves

      1. Pancakes will always be my favourite food! I could eat them every day happily. :) x

    2. Wow, you have been crazy busy! Hope the Girl Gang event went well. If I was younger and in Manchester I'd be all over it! x

      1. We actually get quite a big range of ages, mostly 18-35 but there's always a few outside of that. You definitely wouldn't have been the oldest! We do get a few mums as well, it's a group we're trying to engage more. :) x