• Tuesday, 28 February 2017

    Why you, my fellow introvert, should come to Girl Gang Manchester's Speed Mate-ing Event.

    I am an introvert and I’m guessing you are too. That’s probably why you clicked on this link, or perhaps you’re just interested in introverts and that’s cool too. Introverts as we all know, get their energy from alone time. They tend to prefer longer, deeper one-on-one conversations rather than small talk at a party. Most of them would pick a quiet pub over a noisy dancefloor.

    So, my dear introverts, would you be interested in coming to an event where the purpose is to talk to lots of strangers you’ve never met before? No? I get that. But let me explain why I think you should.

    Our idea of a networking event exclusively for building friendships came from an awareness of the loneliness epidemic hitting our generation. Something we constantly picked up on from our online following was the phrase ‘I wish there was a Tinder for friends.’ Now, we can’t give you that; because skilled as we are, we don’t have a ton of coding abilities or the money to fund it, though someone please get on it.

    We live in a world where all the information you need to know about anyone is available online. We can reach people whenever we want and get instant replies to queries easily (unless like me, you’re guilty of reading and not replying…). It’s never been easier to make a connection with someone.

    And whilst the connections I have made online are invaluable to me - it’s how I got involved with Girl Gang Manchester and it’s how I promote and connect with other bloggers and small business owners - nothing will ever replace real life contact. No amount of whatsapp-ing or sharing snaps will replace the feeling you get while belly laughing with friends over a shared bottle of wine. Or whatever your poison is.

    Once you leave education, the world can be a really difficult place to make new friends in. In a large city like Manchester, it’s hard to find where you fit. Beyond your office and your housemates, befriending opportunities can be pretty rare (and seen as I am a freelancer who lives with her husband, this is extra tough for me). Speed Mate-ing has been created with creating a comfortable, accessible space for all. We intend to use techniques from dating, business networking and good old fashion girls sleepovers to create a slightly silly atmosphere for people to get to know one another in.

    As an introvert, I know that there’s a fine line between enjoying your personal space and going into full on hibernation mode. And with the current weather, who can blame us? My home is my precious, safe haven and I’ve made it pretty cosy. Comfort zones are wonderful, important things and nobody knows that better than an introvert. But, it’s pretty dangerous to live in them all the time. Coming to our Speed Mate-ing event might be a horrific idea to you right now, but it also might be the best thing you’ve done in ages.

    When I reached out to Girl Gang Manchester on Twitter over a year ago, I had no idea what I’d be getting myself in for. I didn’t know that I’d help running award winning events; or that I’d be producing and delivering workshops; or meeting a group of girls who are so supportive, and are not only excellent brunch buddies but do everything they can to help me connect with other people in my industry.

    Girl Gang will never knowingly force you out of your comfort zone, you won’t have to get up on stage and perform, or do the chicken dance or wear outlandish clothes and parade around. Although, you’re perfectly welcome to do all of that of course. We are providing an opportunity for you to come together with like minded people and simply talk. We encourage silliness and we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously, but how much or how little you participate will be totally up to you. You might meet your new BFF or someone who just gives you an excellent book recommendation. Personally, I’m hoping for someone who appreciates my constant Gilmore Girls references and won’t be embarrassed by my constant Instagramming, but that’s just me.

    Tickets are selling out fast! Get yours here: https://www.facebook.com/events/560509584152923/

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