• Thursday, 16 February 2017

    Spring-time at Sainsburys

    So, I was walking through Sainsbury's the other day, which I'm not in the habit of doing as I'm more of an Aldi girl really, and I couldn't help but notice how incredible their clothing was looking. I knew about Sainsbury's reputation for surprisingly stylish supermarket clothing, but I had never really taken the time to look through it. I was bowled over by some of the pieces I saw in store, they were such fantastic quality (y'know, from what I could tell by stroking them longingly) and made very well. So I decided to treat you to some of favourite picks from what I saw. I've unintentionally gone for a slightly nautical theme, which I didn't realise until I put this together.
    (From left to right, top row to bottom)

    1. I adore this shirt, I think it would look perfect with some denim shorts/skirt, preferably sitting on a fancy yacht.
    2. I love florals and stripes together. I don't need to explain further than that.
    3. Be still my beating heart, this embroidered stripe shirt is the stuff that dreams are made of. I can't justify it to myself as I recently bought a blue and white striped shirt and I try to not have more than one of the same thing in my wardrobe. Excluding floral midi skirts. And gold shoes.
    4. I adore a swimdress. It might have started from a place of hiding as much as I can on the beach, but actually, they're just beautifully flattering and cute. Plus you basically get to act like a 50s movie star.
    5. Ah, a yellow waterproof jacket. That's the dream. Well, the dream of sensible clothing that would keep my mother happy and is also suitably colourful.
    6. The embroidery trend had me at hello, but I'm yet to make a purchase yet. My a-level in textiles holds me back, because I'm constantly saying in my head 'but I can make it myself...' Anybody else get that?
    7. Gingham is a classic for Spring and Summer, for picnics and walks and all that other over the top Cath Kidson-esque nonsense. But I still like this dress.
    8. I am digging the pinafore trend. I desperately want one with an a-line skirt that isn't terribly short, but I think this one is pretty good to start with.


    1. CAnt believe all these gems are from Sains! gotta get myself down there check it out in person!


      1. I know, right? As supermarket fashion goes, they are the best. :) x

    2. That floral swimdress is pretty! I like the white embroidered shirt as well.


      1. Yeah, it is gorgeous right? I love a swimdress. :) x