• Monday, 9 January 2017

    Yellow shoes, Yellow skirts

    I have a friend that hates yellow. Like, detests it. She's one of my best and oldest friends and for years I hid my love of the sunshine colour, because I practically saw her every day at college. She also has several other irrational hatreds, the Kaiser chiefs, numberless watches, blue pens (although, I'm totally with her on the blue pen thing). So myself and the rest of our little gang have learnt to hide these things from her. I was tempted to be really evil and put her in a yellow bridesmaid dress when I got married, but I'm not that mean. She's really not crazy, she just sounds it.
    So after several years of hiding my love of yellow, I now indulge in it frequently. Yes, even in January. It's a dull month, it needs livening up. I bought these yellow shoes several months ago, back when I still worked at Clarks and got a very generous discount, even on top of sale items. Which I'm currently wishing I still had, because I'm lusting after these badly. They were part of one of the Orla Keily ranges, of which I own several pairs, and I'm pleasantly surprised to say how often I've worn these. You say yellow shoes, you don't quite hear the phrase 'must-have' or 'essential,' do you? My biggest issue is now locating some yellow shoe polish. Not so easy to come by...
    I picked up this skirt last summer in H&M. I bought it full price and spent a whole £29.99 on it, which is a lot more than I usually pay for anything, ever. The majority of my clothes are bought second hand in charity shops or ebay, in the sale or saved up for bit by bit. I like to think of myself as 'thrifty' or 'economic' or 'fighting against our disposable fast fashion culture' but really, I'm just skint. When you tally up the costs per wear however, this skirt was an absolute bargain. I wore it to death in the summer and I'm pleased as to how well it's carried into winter. Paired with this fluffy, cropped jumper (£6, Primark) and some opaque tights it works surprisingly well.
    And lastly, let's talk about the jacket. This was my main Christmas present this year. I've always been a leather jacket person, but have only bought cheap, faux leather in the past. My most recent jacket, I had owned for about three years and it was quite literally falling apart, the lining was ripping off, it was covered in paint. It was not a pretty sight. So I found this one on ASOS (still available) and ordered it, because my mum couldn't figure out the website. You've reached adulthood when you're ordering your own Christmas presents. I love this jacket because it's the perfect basic leather jacket. It's good quality, it's cropped and fits great and because it's got no studs or fussy bits, it goes with absolutely everything. 

    Jacket - ASOS
    Jumper - Primark
    Necklace - Ebay (old)
    Skirt - H&M
    Shoes - Orla Keily for Clarks
    Bag - Charity Shop


    1. This is a lovely outfit, more to yellow in January! Definitely needs brightening up. The shoes rock as does that necklace!! Very cool

      Honestly Aine

      1. Thanks! Yeah, yellow is a guaranteed mood-booster. X