• Monday, 16 January 2017

    Velvet jackets and cloche hats

    I'm not going to lie, this outfit makes me feel a little bit like an art teacher. Which probably wouldn't be a terrible career idea for me, if it wasn't for the fact that I don't like children much. Maybe it's more of an art student vibe, which is fairly accurate seen as I did go to an arts uni. To do a management degree, but lets ignore that. 
    I've had this dress for ages now, I found it in an ASOS sale on one of my trawls through that website. Is it only me that finds the ASOS sale an exhausting experience? Brilliant if you find something, but it takes forever. In fact, most of this outfit was a bit of a bargain. The velvet jacket was a hand me down from one of mum's work colleagues (who's slimmer than me and never met me, so why she passes on her old clothes to me I have no idea. But I am obviously very grateful!). And the shoes cost me a whole £5. Vintage Hush Puppies for a fiver, it was a joy to find them. They're a few years old to me now as I got them at Freshers fair back when I was an innocent eighteen year old (aw). That's how you know you went to a creative uni, when vintage sellers come to you.
    And lastly both my hat and brooch were birthday presents. Well, the hat is an M&S purchase that I bought with a voucher. It's still available if you're after a cloche hat, for whatever reason. My brooch is of the one and only Lady Mue from Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in London. If you haven't been to the cat cafe yet, you're missing out. I went for my 21st birthday, which was too long ago if you ask me, and I'm desperate to go again. Their fantastic Instagram page keeps me and Jay talking about Lady Mue and Petra and Wookie (who we're both in love with) a lot. It's not even funny how many cat themed brooches I have. Which makes me sound about eighty, but I think I'm okay with that.
    Hat - M&S
    Dress - ASOS
    Jacket - Gifted
    Brooch - Lady Dinah's
    Shoes - Vintage, Hush Puppies
    Belt - Primark


    1. Such a pretty outfit! I love the dress, the colours look lovely together! I'm totally with you on the sale being exhausting, there is so much stuff!xx


      1. Thanks! Yeah, the sale drives me mad. I tend to put a price limit on it and after £20 I'm out! There's too much stuff to look through anyway. x