• Friday, 27 January 2017

    Solange, Women's Marches and Sensible Outfit Choices #LittleLoves 4/52

    How are we four weeks into the year already? Everyone given up on their new years resolutions? That's what I thought. I've only actually started getting into mine (and by that I mean getting use of my gym membership) in the past couple of weeks. As I am basically a professional procrastinator when it comes to any personal project (got to watch out for those future employer, right? Because I never, ever procrastinate at work. Obviously), I have to prepare properly for my tasks. So I spent the first week of January buying workout clothes and eating all of the unhealthy food in the house, leftover from Christmas, so that it's not there to tempt me. And now it's all gone, so I guess I don't have much of an excuse now.

    Other than Look magazine, I've really not read a lot this week. Shocking, right? Apologies, I should really do better than this...

    Me and Jay sat down the other night with little to watch so ended up searching through Iplayer, always a good way to spend a Wednesday night and I made him watch What We Did on Our Holiday. I had already seen it when it was on Netflix ages ago, but for those of you that haven't it involves David Tennant, Rosamund Pike and Billy Connolly going through a chaotic time with their family. The humour's quite similar to 'Outnumbered' which makes it excellent in my opinion. If you haven't seen it, it's still on Iplayer and definitely worth a watch.


    Once again, I have not heard anything new this week, but I have indulged in Solange's latest album, again. I became a little obsessed with it when it first came out and had it on repeat for days, but it is just as good as I remembered it being.

    I've had to do some stock-updating this week as my Dinosaur earrings have become very popular lately. Excellent taste awards to those people. They're available on my Etsy shop for those of you interested, though they're selling out fast!

    I didn't get any pictures, but I'm going to describe this historic moment to you all. I did something incredibly sensible. For a night out for my friends' birthday last weekend, I wore jeans and a nice top. More importantly, I borrowed the top from my mother. This was because the dress and shoes I had packed in my bag would have given me hypothermia, would I have worn them without tights like how I intended to. So, in the name of sensible dressing, I wore the jeans I was already wearing with some heels and stole something from my mum's wardrobe. I know, right? Literally though, five out of six of the girls were wearing jeans and a nice top, which proves that we're definitely not teenagers anymore. Weird.

    I stopped by the women's march on Saturday in town centre. There was about 500/600 of us all standing in solidarity with our sisters in Washington. Had I had the money and thought ahead, I'd have planned to go to the London march that looked incredible. I've also been planning things with Girl Gang Manchester this week and we have lots of events coming up soon, which is very exciting. The news has been depressing me so much lately, that it feels very good to actually be involved in some kind of activism. Seriously, has anyone added up the awful things that Trump has already done in his first week? It's horrendous. But that's a very sad thought, so hey, I'm getting puppy cuddles tomorrow. That's a cheerier topic. Happy weekend all.

    Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


    1. Ha ha I like your style, easting everything unhealthy in the house before you start on your healthy eating plan - exactly what I do, except I keep replacing the unhealthy stuff when I eat it - oops! What we did on our holiday, sounds good, will have to check it out. Have a great weekend :-)

      1. It's my main downfall! I'm so bad at 'hey, I'll restart on Monday...' and then Monday being a bad day, so not being able to start for another week! x

    2. How cute are those dinosaur earrings! Enjoy your weekend xx

    3. What We Did On Our Holiday sounds like a film I would enjoy so I'll be checking it out one evening this week for sure. Thanks for the tip.
      I would have loved to have gone on the march, and I'm gutted I couldn't make it.
      PS Love those earrings! xx

      1. It's an ace film, definitely worth a watch! The march was great, there was a lot of great support online as well. X

    4. Oh I will have to check out that one. Thanks for the recommend. Good for you getting out Saturday for the march. I have never thought to wear dinosaur earrings my son would think I am the coolest mom ever. lol #littleloves

      1. Yes, I've had lots of children admire those earrings when I've worn them out! x