• Sunday, 8 January 2017

    REVIEW: L'oreal Color Riche La Palette, Lips Red

    Oh, I do enjoy a red lip. Which you can probably tell from either my Instagram or my entire drawer dedicated to lipstick that is 75% reds. You can't get much more classic than a red lip and it always cheers me up a little bit. But perhaps I'm a bit shallow. 
    I picked up this lip palette in a special offer at Boots the other day, but it's usually £12.99. You can buy it here.
     I've had good experiences with L'oreal lipsticks before, I find them to be good, strong colours and last quite well. This palette includes six of their most popular shades (though I have no idea what those are and I cannot find the names/numbers on the website), in a mixture of matte and satin textures. It also comes in nude shades, but I care very little for that.

    So far I've found it to be a really nice little palette to carry around with me. The built in mirror and the lip brush is really useful. It's not the best brush I've used, but it does the job perfectly well. It's really easy to reapply on the go and I find it much easier to carry this around then whatever individual lipstick I'm wearing. The shades are a nice mixture and cover all the basics, I think that if you're not too sure about red lipstick, this a really nice starter palette. Anyway, I put them all on for you and indulged in a little photoshoot (which absolutely thrilled Jay) so you can see what they look like on. Or at least on me, so you'll have to imagine what it looks like on you. Sorry.
    So just a bit of navigation, from the top row, left to right is shades one, two and three and the bottom row, four, five and six from the top of the palette to the bottom. Hope that makes sense.

    Number one comes out as a slightly pinky-ish red in a matte finish, which I adore. It was the one I first went for originally.
    Number two is a very orangey red, which I was a bit unsure about at first. I'm yet to find an orange lipstick that I love, but looking at these photos, I may have found a contender.
    Number three and number four are only a shade different, both quite bright, classic reds, but in different finishes. Three being matte, four shiny. Four is perhaps slightly browner than three.
    Shade five comes out as a bit more of a subtle red (love my technical beauty blogger jargon here) with a satin finish. Still red, but not quite as shocking as the others.
    And finally shade six is much more of a purpley red, for those of you into your berry shades. Matte and very pretty.

    The product goes on easily and after a bit of build up and some blotting, creates quite striking shades that last quite long. The matte shades aren't drying on your lips and the satin finish isn't too glossy or sticky. Overall, I'm pretty damn pleased with this purchase. Considering it came free with my usual foundation. I would highly recommend this palette, particularly for those only beginning to venture into red lipstick.

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