• Monday, 23 January 2017

    Pupdate #1 // Harry Pupper and His New House

    I have fallen in love. My parents puppy is one of the most beautiful creatures to ever exist, in my totally unbiased opinion, obviously. But seriously guys, he's perfect. And everybody that has met him has agreed. Excluding possibly my mum, but she has to clean up after him the most, but she does still love him.
    He's been home for about two and a half weeks and he is a very hyper, fluffy 10 week old monster. Harry is a mixture of labrador, poodle and springer spaniel and he was named Harry Pupper due to his tiny lightning flash of white on his chest, or if you ask my mum, it's a 'family name.' Boo.
    He's just about adjusting to sleeping alone and he's calming down a little bit. We bought him a cage for him to sleep in at night. My gut instinct was against it at first, but there's actually a lot of research into it that suggests a smaller, cosier place is good for keeping them calm. Mum won't call it a cage though, it's his house.
    Surprisingly, his destruction count is only one iPhone charger and one of my mum's coats (that my dad sillily put over his cage at night. In comparison to when our last dog was a puppy, he's doing pretty well. Pawz (our old labrador) destroyed everything (including several mobile phones, the only thing that could destroy a Nokia 3310 apparently) but was also a massive wuss and afraid of the stairs, the tiled floor in the bathroom and the hoover. None of which seem to be an issue with Harry, although I'm not sure he's experienced the hoover yet.
    When he's not running round like a lunatic, playing with everything that isn't one of his toys, he's a very cuddly dog. It's very strange to have a tiny dog that it's possible to pick up. That was definitely not an option with Pawz. When he's sleeping during the day, he likes to be held. Which is quite similar to babies, so I've heard. He likes to be held regardless, he's a big fan of licking ears. Though he's still getting used to his puppy teeth, so he is a bit nibbley. Which is a kind way of putting it.
    He's a very ambitious dog and will climb any obstacle in his way, we've had a lot of drama with the stairs. He also has the indestructible puppy thing going on, he can fall three feet and just carry on like nothing happened. My mum and dad have already become far too soft with him. My dad has sacrificed his slippers to him as his current favourite toy, as well as a shower pouff thing (what are those called?) that he likes to chew. Though his current favourite toys are empty milk bottles. But he does like his pink pig that I picked out for him.
    I did traumatise him the other day though and gave him his first shower. He was not a fan. He rather enjoyed the towelling off stage after though.
    Basically, he is the prettiest thing I've ever seen. He is slightly getting taller, rather than bigger and he has the most beautiful weirdly blue and brown eyes. I think that blue is his colour. The Smith household is much happier with him in it. Because how could this little face not make you smile?
    If you want to see more puppy pictures, I'm posting a lot on Twitter and Instagram - user name @marthamylove_


    1. Oh my god this lil pup is too much, I need one!! Keep up your amazing work with your blog pretty gal! x