• Friday, 6 January 2017

    Pink drinks, 90s TV and Harry Pupper #LittleLoves 1/52

    The first week of reality can be a bit of a shocker, can't it? Jay didn't go back to work until Thursday, so he had a couple of days to himself whist I was chained to a desk (sort of, I mean, as a temp they kind of just leave you alone to get on with it. Hence the excessive tweeting). My decorations are coming down tonight, due to the fact that I'm lazy, not feeling exceptionally disappointed that the festivities are over. The Christmas food has all gone, besides one jar of hazelnut truffles that I cannot stop eating and are ruining my healthy resolutions and our fridge is full of vegetables again. Which I'm actually really excited about, because as a girl with a fragile digestion system anyway, Christmas eating has been particularly hard on me.

    Nothing very exciting to report here, I'm afraid. I haven't read much that I haven't already posted about, but I did get my February copies of Red and Glamour through the door. I've also done a bit of a bloglovin' binge and discovered a bunch of new exciting blogs.

    Have you heard the news? Netflix has finally done what I've been mentally begging them to do and put all series of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air up on the UK site. I've got it on right now whilst writing this and I'm remembering all the brilliant-ness of it. It's rather strange watching it now, because I first saw it when I was about seven, so missed all of the political points and cultural references. One episode in the first season was referencing the problem of racially provoked police attacks and it felt so painfully relevant today. It's also reminding me of how much I fancy Will Smith.

    I'm terrible at listening to new music and on new years eve we indulged our noughties childhood a little bit. The Throwback Thursday playlists that Spotify release weekly are like a drug to me, they bring out some absolute bangers. Also, like everyone else I know I've been crazy excited by Ed Sheeran's new music that has dropped today, I've only had a quick listen of both tracks on Spotify once, but I'm confident in saying that they're just as excellent as his previous work.

    I've done very little crafting lately, but I did mix together an excellent punch on new year. Grapefruit juice, gin and prosecco with a bit of mint chucked in. Pink and delicious.

    I got a chance to wear my one Black Friday purchase, this Chi Chi skirt has been begging me to wear it and I feel extra fancy spinning round in it.

    Well, the boring news of life is that I joined a gym. And I've been and everything. We'll see how that goes. The super exciting news is that our family dog, Harry Pupper came home this week! He wasn't meant to be home until Friday night, but something horribly sad happened and one of his siblings was stolen. So their breeder was in a bit of panic and asked all owners to come pick up their puppies ASAP. I was struggling with a mixture of incredibly sad feelings for the owners who will never get their puppy now and excitement to hang out with our new addition.

    He spent his first night exploring and sniffing everything and then falling asleep wherever he pleased. He is incredibly cute and the Smith household is much happier already. He's such a lovely dog and my dad's sending me regular updates, or pupdates (funny, no?), via whatsapp. Pretty much all of which I'm posting on twitter, so you can read them there. I'm on dog-sitting duty next weekend actually, so I'm sure there'll be some fantastically cute content to come.
    Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


    1. Wowwww that skirt is beautiful! Looks like it was made for you, so gorgeous! And that throwback playlist is absolute gold - About You Now AND Bleeding Love? I'm there, so so there!

      Happy 2017!

      SinĂ©ad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

      1. Thanks! I know, can't beat a bit of sugababes. :) x

    2. That skirt looks gorgeous, and your puppy? All the heart eyes. So cute! I NEED to watch Fresh Prince on Netflix, as I also adore Will Smith. Seriously, what's not to love? Enjoy your weekend! #LittleLoves

      1. He's the cutest! I miss him so much already, he lives with my parents see, but I've seen him twice already and he's only been home four days!
        Will Smith is quite something, right? x

    3. I had no idea the Fresh Prince was on Netflix! That's me lost for the next week then, haha. I'm also a mega fan of Throwback playlists, so much so that I made my own for each year since 2000. They're AWESOME for fun listening. Love that skirt, looks great on you! And OH MY GOSH PUPPYYYY! He is adorable! Hope you have lots of fun with him this week! #LittleLoves

      1. Haha, yeah I only saw it on twitter, I was rather excited about it being put up! And yes, Harry is rather sweet. :) x

    4. Oh your puppy is so cute! Love that skirt, it's gorgeous! I loved Fresh Prince, had not idea it's on Netflix. I feel a binge coming on!

    5. Ah your dog is absolutely gorgeous - as is your skirt! You cannot beat a good twirl! Everyone seems to be on spotify but I've never really used it - must change that! x

      1. I've been on spotify for ages, I don't know how I'd manage without it! And yes, I love a twirl in a skirt. :) x

    6. What a beautiful skirt Martha! It really suits you.
      I love a good Spotify playlist. If I'm not watching Netflix I'm listening to something on Spotify, not sure what I did before they came along..!
      Have a lovely week xx