• Thursday, 5 January 2017

    Christmas at Chatsworth

    Yes, I know the festive season is basically over, but if it's still before January 6th, you can still indulge a little, right? I still haven't taken my tree down, but that might be tonight's job. Or we'll leave it up till March, knowing us. Last years empty tree hung out in our backyard till June, so as long as we do better than that this year we're good (although we have to, since we're moving out in April).

    I've only just had the chance to edit these photos from our post Christmas trip to Buxton. Both me and Jay got a little snap happy and I had to go through three hundred photos to dish out the best ones for you. Jay's family treated us to a day out at Chatsworth house, yes that one that Jane Austen loved (unfortunately, not the setting of Colin Firth's lake dive). I've definitely been to the gardens before, which are stunning, but have no memory of entering the house.

    This year, their festive theme was the ballet of the Nutcracker. They host various live productions at the house throughout the year and while I've never seen one, judging off the decorations inside the house, I can make a safe guess that the production value is incredibly high. I was snapping photos of everything, so much so that I had serious flashbacks to various school and college trips throughout my art and textile studying days. I felt like I was documenting things to put in my sketchbook and then develop projects from. If I'm honest, I've totally been dreaming of creating various tulle skirts since this trip, I guess once an art student, always an art student.

    Anyway, hope you're prepared for a very photo-heavy post, there was a lot to see!

    Jay was rather entertained by this.
    I've officially become obsessed with this wallpaper and want it all over my house.

    I was judged heavily for my excitement over this floral Christmas tree. It's the kind of thing my dreams are made of.

    This puts my own gingerbread efforts to shame, but has also set me some serious goals for next Christmas.

    I desperately need this chandelier in my life.
    Chatsworth house is open throughout the year and is about a ninety minute drive from Manchester. You can pre-book tickets on their website, here. This is not a sponsored post.