• Friday, 20 January 2017

    Alice Sebold books, 24/7 news and Frank Turner #LittleLoves 3/52

    Sweet heaven, it's been a tough week politically hasn't it? It's just been a quiet one for me. Though this weekend won't be, because it's two dear friends birthday and we're going partying. Though Jay tells me we are not the kind of house that uses party as a verb. We are so old before our time...

    A big achievement for me, I picked up a novel! I have successfully read the first chapter of Almost Moon, by Alice Sebold, author of The Lovely Bones. From what I've read, it's very good so far. I've done a lot of blog reading and online scrolling as I've been in a very quiet office all week (yeah, I worked five days this week. How wrong. Apologies to all full timers out there. I'm a weak chronic illness sufferer / starving artist attempting to make a career).
    I have watched tons of news this week, as said, I've been in a quiet office, with a TV displaying rolling news all damn day. Which is probably what inspired by previous post, the great rant about Trump. If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I'm very sick of his face. And Theresa May's too, come to think of it. It's amazing how many speeches have happened this week without actually saying anything.
    On a cheerier note, Jay has started watching Netflix's new 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' programme. He was obsessed with the books growing up, I only made it to book five as a child because they are a tad repetitive. From what I've seen of the new series, it's done very well and it's highly entertaining.

    I've been on a bit of a Frank Turner, King Blues and general angry protest ska punk music bing lately. It might have something to do with this week. Angry-at-the-man music is my true soundtrack.

    I've made nothing. Nothing at all. Except breakfast, which is always good.

    I put up on outfit post this week, hopefully you saw it.

    I spent last weekend puppy sitting my favourite little man. He's still in a super hyper mood, which is fun and he's also really cute. A lot of my friends got to meet him too, which he loved just as much as they did. He's technically not allowed on the sofa (don't tell my parents...) but he was so proud of himself that he was big enough to jump up by himself! It was very sweet.
    But other than that it's been a really quiet week. I'm still working on a bit of a clear out in the house. Which is thrilling.

    Hope you've all had good weeks despite the terror that is today.

    Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


    1. Love the purple hat! Heard lots about A Series of Unfortunate Events, need to catch that on Netflix. Enjoy your weekend xx

    2. Your hat is gorgeous, it really suits you. I've always been envious of people that can pull off hats.
      This week hasn't been much better politically has it? Ooof. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not American x