• Saturday, 3 December 2016

    Winter brights and floral stripes

    First up, let's talk about this coat. I've had it for years after finding it in the tiniest, old-lady ish charity shop a few years ago back in Bournemouth. Pink coats have been having a thing for quite a while now, although it has tended to be more muted shades that everyone's obsessed with. Me included, in fact, if anyone's feeling generous, I've had my eye on this one for ages. But I am a woman who loves her brights. This coat, though pretty, is totally un-Manchester-proof as it is possibly the thinnest coat I've ever worn. It was fine for the South coast, but now I've returned home perhaps it's time to invest in a winter-friendly wardrobe. 

    What I lack in coats, I make up for in furry scarves. Seriously guys, I've said it a thousand times, buy yourself a faux fur snood. It's like having a cat draped around your neck all day. Which to me is basically the perfect way to spend a day, but I understand if you don't feel quite so passionately about cats as I do... If you need another reason, they also work as excellent portable napping devices, like a travel pillow, but without the fuss. Yay for practical fashion.

    I hope you enjoy these photos of neither me and Jay looking particularly impressed with our mulled wine. Trust me, we were. One of my favourite traditions of Christmas is outdoor drinking. That's also one of my favourite traditions of summer. Or weddings. Brits love a drink outside.

    Also, enjoy this outtake of me not being very impressed with Jay's constant photo taking. I mean, credit where credit's due, if you're going to act as your wife's personal photographer, you might as well be enthusiastic about it.

    Headband - Primark (still available)
    Scarf - M&S, old
    Coat - M&S via charity shop
    Velvet crop top - Primark via Ebay
    Dress - Charity Shop
    Shoes - M&S, old

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