• Monday, 26 December 2016

    Puppy Puppy Puppy!

    I'm so excited that I can finally announce that this Christmas, the Smith family are getting a puppy! 

    For those of you that know my family, or just follow me on various social media accounts, you'll know that our beloved, loyal labrador, Pawz passed away about a year ago. He was a special dog, a good friend and has left a literal huge hole in our lives. Seriously, you should have seen how big his basket was. My dad, in particular, has suffered a lot. He was the main dog walker and because he worked from home, spent the most time with him. Plus, if you think I like fluffy animals, just imagine what the rest of my family are like. So after many discussions and a little bit of subtle persuasion from me, my mum finally agreed that we'd surprise my dad with a new puppy. He'll be moving to the family home in early January and I can't wait to have a pet again. Ready for some super cute photos now? Good.
    I could complain that this is not the most flattering photo of me, but I don't care, because he was the tiniest, softest, warmest thing in the world and I fell in love within ten seconds flat. He has a chubby, puppy belly and the tiniest lightening flash of white across his chest. Yes, I'm going to try to persuade my dad to call him Harry.
    These picture were taken a week before Christmas, when me, my mum and Jay told my dad we were off to buy a Christmas tree (which we did) and snuck off to pick him. Luckily, there was only one puppy left, I'm not sure I'd ever have been able to make a decision about which one to keep. My dad's famous last words when picking Pawz were 'lets get this one, he's nice and big!' Mum reminded him of that a lot. Whilst this little guy is quite tiny now, he'll have grown a lot by the time we get him home.
    For those of you interested, he was a litter of nine puppies. His mother is a springador (a springer spaniel cross a chocolate labrador) and his father is a labradoodle (a poodle cross a black labrador). Cross breed dogs are arguably meant to have fewer health problems as you miss out on a lot of genetic issues. They also tend to have slightly more toned down characteristics; for example, labradors are known for their love of food, so in theory this puppy, being half labrador, should only have a little bit of that. But knowing our luck, that won't be the case. All of the pets that we've ever had have been larger than average (and no, we don't over-feed them).
    Basically, he's perfect and I cannot wait to get him home. And before anyone starts, yes, I know that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Believe me, after twelve years with the biggest labrador known to man, my whole family are very aware of the commitment they're getting into. We've been discussing this for ages and are simply using Christmas as a good excuse for a surprise. I'm writing this pre-Christmas and scheduling it for afterwards, so I will update you on my dad's reaction. I can't wait to see his face.
    And lastly, look at all of them sleeping together! I may just die of a cuteness attack now.

    Hope your Christmas' were all great! Mine was better, I'm getting a puppy!

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