• Friday, 2 December 2016

    Personality types, nostalgic TV and fluffy ear muffs. #LittleLoves


    I haven't read a lot this week (boo), but I have been doing some personal research. After a bit of a prompt from a friend at church, I've been focusing some time on getting to know myself a bit better. I apologise, there is no way to phrase that without sounding pretentious and ridiculous, so I just went with it. So during a very dull day at work (I'm currently temping as a receptionist, which means I answer the phone occasionally and then mess about online the rest of the day...), I took the 16 personalties test, based loosely on the Myers-Briggs test. Now, honestly, I'm not the kind of person to take ridiculous online quizzes all the time and believe them obsessively (except, y'know, the sorting hat, shout out to my fellow Ravenclaws). But this one is very well respected.

    I've read many articles that constantly refer to the types and I've been meaning to find out more about it for ages. Turns out, I am an INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feelings, Judging - opposed to Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving), the rarest personality type there is with less than 1% of the world being them. Because, y'know I'm a special little snowflake or something. The detail of the analysis on this website is incredible, I've spent a lot of time this week reading into my type and I feel like so many of my choices and decisions makes so much more sense now. I couldn't recommend it highly enough, if you'd like to try it, this is the link.


    It has been an emotional week for me, as I have finally finished the new Gilmore Girls, four one and a half hour episodes, set ten years after season seven finished, exclusively on Netflix. I've been obsessed with Gilmore Girls since my teenage days, back when repeats of it were shown on E4 and I've subsequently got Jay hooked too. Quite proud of that achievement. I'm team Jess (obviously), although I will say (no spoilers!) my allegiances have been challenged after these episodes. They're beautifully done, if a little surrealer than previous series, and stick faithfully to the original style and characters. Also, the last words everyone's obsessing over? Totally called it.

    And just to throw in even more emotional upheaval, I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last Saturday night. As a massive Potter fan (let's not get too into this, because we may never get out of it), I was so nervous about this film. But I was overjoyed with it. Let's face it, The Cursed Child (I only read the book) sucked. Plot wise anyway, if you ask me. That being said, if anyone's feeling generous I would still go see it and obsess over it. J K Rowling, why do you have this affect on me? I was so pleased that it was good, Eddie Redmayne was fantastic, as he is in everything, and I have four more films to come, which I'm sure I will fangirl all over.


    I've needed happy music this week, and nothing makes me happier than this song. Which has meant I've obviously been on - another - Amy Winehouse binge. She is a hero.


    I've made absolutely nothing this week - unless you count dinner, and even then I do that quite rarely as Jay's the chef in our house. I've done some more present wrapping as I've now finished my shopping. This early in December, yes. I hate shopping in December so I try my hardest to get all of it done in November, meaning I can spend my weekends and time off doing nothing but fun, festive things throughout the month. Yay.


    It's terrifyingly cold out there lately. But it's given me an excuse to get out my £1, Primark ear muffs. Which are the softest things in the world and I love them. Even if they do make me look a bit like a deformed Mickey Mouse.


    I've made myself go swimming this week and I'm so chuffed. I did 40 lengths in less than 40 minutes, so I'm pleased that my fitness levels haven't changed that much since I was younger. But swimming has always been my sport. Having the ridiculously pathetic joints that I do (thanks colitis), swimming is pretty much the only exercise that doesn't leave me screaming in pain. I feel so much better afterwards, I hate that all those 'exercise is good for you!' kind of people are right...
    Wow, this was much longer than I thought it would be. If you'd like to join in, just copy the headings (feel free to add your own) and link up below with Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat.

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    1. Love, love the ear muffs. I had a pair last year and I lost them. I was devastated. They suit you so well too. Perfect for a Christmas look. I think I need that mug at the beginning, so funny.I am so behind on the GG bandwagon so I try to skip over what people write incase there is spoilers. hahaha Everyone is raving about it this xmas. Best get to it. hahah Happy Weekend. #littleloves

      1. Thanks! My only problem with ear muffs is that they're impossible to wear with headphones at the same time and headphones are kind of essential for an introvert when shopping! Yes, get on the GG hype, it was a blissful 6 hours. x

    2. I'm an INFJ too! It's so fascinating reading into it all and makes a lot of sense. Has Jay done his?
      Oh I did love the new GG episodes (well apart from some of Spring and Summer, why did we waste precious time with the musical!?) and I called the last 4 words too ;) It must be an INFJ thing. Haha! x

      1. No, Jay hasn't done it, but my guess is he's a INTJ from the research I've done. I want him to do it though! Yeah, the musical bit was weird. It felt very unnecessary. I feel like they were trying to make the show a bit more surreal than previously, which I'm not sure I loved. x

      2. No, Jay hasn't done it, but my guess is he's a INTJ from the research I've done. I want him to do it though! Yeah, the musical bit was weird. It felt very unnecessary. I feel like they were trying to make the show a bit more surreal than previously, which I'm not sure I loved. x