• Wednesday, 14 December 2016

    My Favourite Christmas Films

    Okay, before we get started I'm going to say something that you're probably going to yell at me for. I'm not a major Christmas film lover. Why? Because I'm not a major kids film lover. I mean, I do have my favourite ones that I will make exceptions for (that will definitely be listed below), but even as a child I never really got into Disney massively. Definitely not the princesses (although Mulan kicked ass and Jasmine had a pet tiger). I always cringe a little bit when girls my age are obsessed with going to Disneyland and dressing up as the princesses and stuff and I mean, hey, you guys, do you, but please don't expect me to come along with you. And please don't force me to watch Frozen again. I grew up more on Wallace and Gromit, Mary Poppins and Robin Hood. Lots of old fashioned British comedies and musicals, that sort of thing.

    But when it comes to Christmas films if someone forces me to watch Elf, the Grinch or Home Alone (I just don't do slapstick much, okay?), I'm going to turn into a right Scrooge. Pardon the pun, given my upcoming list.

    Love Actually

    Every year I watch this and every year I over-analyse it and realise how annoyingly creepy and anti-feminist it is in places, but dammit I don't care. If Richard Curtis offered to direct my life, I'd let him. It's mostly the cast that does it for me, Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson and the tiny kid that's not such a tiny kid anymore (I'm fairly certain he's only two years younger than me). It's a feel good romance that makes me all gooey inside, as long as you ignore Keira Knightley's stalker.

    The Muppet Christmas Carol

    Yes, I can hear you all shouting - hypocrite! The Muppets definitely classify as children's entertainment. But, in my defence, they're retelling a classic Dickens story, that I performed as my year five Christmas show. I've already mentioned this in a previous post, but yes, I was Tiny Tim and yes I was amazing. I was also that annoying kid that knew everyone's lines and was whispering them to the other children. You know, how like in the early Potters you can see Emma Watson mouthing the boys lines? Yeah, that was me. Weirdly, I still have the same friends then as I do now. Anyway, the Muppets are awesome and it's my blog, so I can be a hypocrite if I want to.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Is  it a Christmas film? Is it a Halloween film? Who knows? Who cares? I had a goth phase as a teenager and therefore I'm automatically subscribed to the trail of thought that Tim Burton is a genius. I'm still not over his break up with Helena Bonham Carter, my Queen. This is still my favourite not-very-festive-technically-still-a-Christmas-film kind of films. Blink 182 reference it for goodness sake, the teenage Martha would be very angry at the adult Martha if this film didn't make the list.

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