• Tuesday, 13 December 2016

    My 3 Favourite Lush Products Ever

    Guess what, I'm a 20 something girl obsessed with Lush. Which is highly original obviously. But it also means there's probably quite a market for this blog post out there. I've picked out my three favourite things I've ever bought from the strongest scented shop on the high street and that I keep going back for.

    1. Dream Cream. What a surprise, my first favourite product, is the best sold and most loved Lush product ever. It's almost cliche of me to talk about my love for this moisturiser. It's got a nice neutral-ish smell, it's light and my skin loves it. It's my post-shave products and it's one of the few body moisturiser's that doesn't bring me out in a rash. Thanks mum, that sensitive skin of yours that I inherited was clearly much more important than your musical talent. 

    2. R&B. I have been using this hair moisturiser every day for many years. I've have had small blips of betrayal and tried out many various other products, but none compare. I put this in my hair when it's damp, to tame my waves, to treat split ends and to tackle frizz. It does everything and it smells amazing, too. Plus, I've been using it for years and I think this is only my fifth pot. It lasts forever, which makes the price tag worth it. But then, you're talking to a girl who resents buying shower and bath products that aren't available in Poundland. 

    3. Bubblegum lib scrub. I can't believe how long I went without realising I needed this product. It was an impulse, till-purchase and it's one of the best things I've ever done for my lips. You always hear beauty writers harping on about how exfoliating your lips with a toothbrush is an essential prep step before applying lipstick, but who has the time. Whereas, this neon pot sits on my dressing table and is one of my favourite steps in my make up routine. My lips always feel a hundred times better after I apply it and my only issue is making sure I don't eat it, because being bubblegum flavoured and being anything from Lush, you can guarantee it smells amazing.

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