• Friday, 9 December 2016

    Office Christmas trees, mulled wine and Netflix #LitteLoves

    I haven't read much this week, but my January subscriber copies of both Red and Glamour came through the post (always my favourite day of the month) so I've had a quick flick through bits of them. Hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend to sit down and go through them cover to cover.

    I've been majorly binging on Netflix's Lovesick and I'm now quite gutted that I have got through both seasons. It's one of the most original sitcoms I've seen in ages. Every young, 'up-and-coming' British actor seems to cameo in it, so there's a lot of familiar faces, including Antonia Thomas (i.e Aleesha from Misfits), who is just beautiful.
    Image result for lovesick netflix


    This song popped up on a random Spotify playlist I found and I just adored it. I'm sure people much cooler than me have been listening to James TW for ages, but I got over attempting to be one of those people that 'liked it before it was cool' a long, long time ago.

    I've made pretty much nothing this week, except a ton of blog posts and even more gift wrapping. I am intending to get on with some gingerbread baking this weekend and possibly some salt dough decorations as all of my old ones got ruined last year.

    I haven't worn very many exciting things this week, mostly office wear, including my glasses. Damn my eyes that get mad at me for staring at screens. (Which is literally all I do...) I've been temping in two different offices this week, which has involved putting up two different office Christmas trees. One of which was the most complicated artificial tree I have ever seen and took me about two hours to finish. So I've not been very glamorous at all, but here's a selfie from my current desk.

    Hopefully you saw last weeks outfit post where I actually put some effort into what I was wearing.

    Me and Jay made our annual trip to the Christmas markets last weekend. We battled through insane crowds, all to drink flavoured mulled wine outside in the freezing cold. All in the name of Christmas tradition. Jay was more impressed than he seemed, honestly.

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    1. Gingerbread baking - yum!! I hope you have a great weekend!

      1. Lets hope so! Though I may have just persuaded myself to make chocolate orange cookies instead... (:

    2. Not heard that song, but after a first listen I am off to go and find him on Spotify. I love your glasses! Have a wonderful weekend #littlelove

      1. He's good isn't he? Not the most unique style, but I like what I like for a reason. :) Thanks, good old Specsavers. x

    3. Gingerbread baking sounds like a great idea. Enjoy your weekend! x

    4. Oh I've heard this song, but had no idea who it was. I'll have to look him up on Spotify.
      I really enjoyed Lovesick too. I'm half way through the second season now and must get back on it. I got distracted by Vampire Diaries... I am a real grown up really, honest! xx