• Thursday, 22 December 2016

    Last minute DIY gifts

    You've got three days to go till Christmas, are you ready? Being the annoyingly organised person I am, I usually have my Christmas shopping and wrapping finished about a month ago, but I have this annoying habit of deciding last minute that I haven't bought enough for this person. But I can't stand the shops in December, so DIY tends to be the best way to go. I've put together a list of five DIY gifts you can definitely put together in these last few days.

    1. Voucher books.
    Did anybody else do this when they were a kid and mothers' day came around? I always regretted it later when my mum would try to cash in the 'I promise I'll do the washing up for a week' card. I still think they're a classic, because they're essentially I.O.Us. Now I'm an adult (ha) my vouchers have changed from domestic chores to things like, I'll take you to this show when it comes to town, or other more creative things. I think the more on-trend version would be to create a selection of 'date nights' or 'friend dates' depending on the gift receiver. You only need some card, some pens and maybe some fun stickers, depending on your level of creativity. And to be extra helpful, the link in the above image will send you to some printable ones, if you really can't create anything to save your life.

    2. Baking Supplies Box.
    Now, I detest the 'cookie mix jar' presents. Because, to me, it's basically giving someone an extra chore. Just bake the damn biscuits. However, if you do have friends that like baking (such as myself), I guarantee they'd be very excited with a baking supplies box. Fun cupcake cases, interestingly shaped biscuit cutters for their collection, edible glitter and other decorations. You can never have too many cupcake decorations, as long as you've got the cupboard space.

    3. Chocolate truffles.
    There are a billion chocolate truffle recipe on Pinterest, or chocolate fudge if you prefer. But my favourite is one that my old food tech teacher taught me many years ago. Mash up a battenberg cake (yes, it sounds weird, but trust me), chuck in some rum (if that's your thing), roll them into little balls and cover them in melted chocolate. Stick them in the fridge for a while and then put them in a fancy box to give to who you like. Job done.

    4. Movie Night Boxes.

    Always a simple but fun present. Grab a basket, box or whatever you want (poundshops seem to have excellent plastic popcorn tubs at the moment), fill it with popcorn, sweets and either a DVD or a cinema voucher, depending on the person you're giving it to.

    5. Skittle vodka.
    Ah, the stuff of teenage dreams. Or nightmares in my case. Get a nice bottle, fill it with vodka and a particular colour of skittles and leave it overnight to soak. You could get smaller bottles and do all the different colours quite easily as well. They'd make good stocking fillers that week.

    Pictures all sourced via Pinterest.

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