• Thursday, 15 December 2016

    It's not Christmas until...

    My family aren't very good at Christmas traditions. I mean, we had a routine as kids, presents on mum and dads bed, church, tv, food, walks. That sort of thing. But in general, we're quite a chaotic family year-round, so it's how we behave in the festive season too. We did used to go to the cinema together every Christmas eve, but this died out when me and my brother became teenagers, nobody could agree on a film and we realised my dad fell asleep in every single cinema anyway. So, when I was planning this blog post, I wanted to write about sweet, family traditions so you may be inspired to do such nice things with your families. But I am not that person. So here is my list, of my very real Christmas traditions, that aren't really traditions. It is not Christmas, for me, until...
    • I've spent hours making silly amounts of gingerbread.
    • I've eaten obscene amounts of mince pies and not regretted it at all.

    • My dad has bought a ton of chocolates that he then hands to me to attach ribbon to each individual one to hang on the tree. Back in the days with our Labrador, they would go on the bannister to stop him stealing them from the tree. Until he realised he could climb the stairs and knock them down that way. If you've ever tried to race a Labrador to chocolate than landed on the hallway floor, don't bother. You will lose. 
    • My mum finds the tackiest Christmas decorations possible, one year she found Santa and Snowman balloons. Another involved a singing, dancing Santa hat.
    • I spend hours coordinating my parents' Christmas tree perfectly and then the next day taking down the decorations my mum sneaks on one by one (all made by me and my brother when we were 6, all hideous).
    • I promise myself I'll write Christmas cards this year and only remember to do it a day before
      the last post.
    • I attempt some incredibly ambitious Christmas craft project and then give up when covered in glue, glitter and probably feathers.
    • I've watched, and cried at, The Muppet Christmas Carol. And recited a lot of Tiny Tim's lines, that I still remember from my year 5 play. Yes, I looked incredible in a flat cap on crutches.
    • My mum decides last minute that she wants to throw a Christmas eve party and me and my brother run around cleaning the entire house before guests arrive.
    • I wake up my brother on Christmas morning. We're 23 and 25 now, and still because I am the youngest sister, it's my responsibility to get everyone up.
    • My brother offers to pay me to wrap his Christmas presents. Yes, I have even wrapped my own before.

    • The nativity set comes out.
    • I bump into someone I knew from school that I don't particularly want to speak to, whilst having drinks with home town friends.
    • Mum puts on a Kate Rusby CD. 
    • Dad writes the annual Christmas letter in which the dog (or this years lack of one) gets more of a mention than me or my brother.
    You may notice an absence of Jay in this list, this is because this will only be our third Christmas spent together and I'm not sure we still quite consider any of our traditions that we've started to be quite carved in stone yet. Though we do enjoy our trips to the Christmas markets and our mulled wine together.

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