• Friday, 16 December 2016

    Italian words, teenage musicians and pink glitter #LittleLoves

    I haven't read much this week, but whilst on a dull evening shift, I picked up a copy of 'The Little Book of Hygge' (the office I worked in this week has a book people delivery that gets left in reception for people to place orders, so I entertained myself for free). And I found these fantastic words, that I think are the most accurate descriptions of my life ever.

    I've had a bit too much of a Netflix binge lately, so I've had to go searching elsewhere for my TV fix. Fortunately, Stacey Dooley has a few new documentaries on the BBC 3 Iplayer so that's kept me occupied. I really like her as a documentary maker, I feel like she shows the right amount of emotion. Although her last two subjects have been extreme pro-lifers and people who pay to hunt animals, so they're fairly emotional topics for me. Jay walked in on me crying at a zebra being shot at and just said 'Why on earth are you watching this? It will only make you sad!' Which it did. But I still watched.


    I've become obsessed with Mahalia this week, I actually missed her live performance at Greenbelt in the summer and now I'm really annoyed, because her album literally dropped today and I'm obsessed. Anybody else find it weird when teenagers are really successful musicians and you're just kind of floating by? I mean, this girl is five years younger than me, where's my record deal? I mean... the fact I can't sing might have something to do with it, but still. Check her out, she's ace.

    I've made literally nothing this week, but I have put up my Christmas tree. Which feels a little bit creative at least. And then my neighbours cat came for a nosey, which was nice because we haven't seen her in ages and also a pain, because she was very interested in the shiny baubles...

    My friend Emily bought me a new lip crayon the other day and it's the best thing I've ever owned. It's the perfect shade of pink and incredibly glittery and I love it.
    I also had my nails done professionally for the first time ever, which was an interesting experience. I had a 'dipping gel' treatment, which is meant to last up to 5 weeks. I booked and paid for it on Treatwell. Are you guys using Treatwell? I feel rather behind the times for only discovering it now but I love it. The main problem with it is that it's very easy to book spontaneous treatments from the comfort of your sofa. But you can also find them at really good prices because there's loads of deals on there. I went for a gold colour, because I did want a little ode to the festive season, but as my technician told me, literally everyone she had seen in the past few weeks has gone for red.

    I had my annual Christmas meet up with some of my favourite girls last weekend and I have round two with my other favourite group of girls. It's not Christmas till I've seen them all and swapped presents and weird stories from our year. Enjoy this blurry picture of us all from Laura's snapchat.

    Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


    1. That Japanese word is just perfect for me too *gazes at teetering stack of books*. Love the lips and the nails! I've never heard of Treatwell but I have a feeling I'll be using it a lot now... Have a great weekend! #LittleLoves

    2. Your nails look gorgeous! Love the colour. How funny that your neighbours cat comes into see you! Enjoy your weekend xx

    3. Your nails and makeup look so so amazing for the festive season. I am the same I have been binge watching Netflix so much lately. Oops but I have so much I want to see and watch. My list is endless at the moment. hahaha but I also have so many books I want to read too. Need more hours in the day. Just popping over and catching up on everyone's #littleloves. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Happy Holidays.

    4. Love the colour of that lip crayon on you!
      I've never heard of Treatwell, will have to have a google ;) xx