• Saturday, 31 December 2016

    Dancing vaginas, floral trees and pink walking boots #LittleLoves

    This a day late probably due to the busy week that I'm sure we've all had. Everyone had a good Christmas? Mine was full of the traditional family chaos and watching my niece open a pile of presents taller than her. The best moment was of course, watching my dad open his present to discover that a puppy is coming home to join the Smith family in a week. 

    Christmas always brings books for me and I asked for the new Laura Bates book from my brother (partly to mess up his amazon suggestion list...) and I'm enjoying it a lot, even though I'm only a few pages in. Just a warning for the fragile amongst you, the first page is full of dancing vaginas.

    Surprisingly, I haven't done much TV watching this week, which is incredibly disappointing as it is always the best week of British TV. I was introduced to a new Christmas film this year though, Nativity, featuring the delightful Martin Freeman and even more exciting is the fact that the Muppets Treasure Island is on tv later this afternoon (always my favourite film as a child).


    Anybody else go on weird Spotify binges and end up in strange corners of the internet? I always like their Discover Weekly playlists.

    I've done very little crafty things this week, but I did get the Christmas cake decorated. Or rather, I assisted my niece in doing so. I didn't get any pictures, because it got eaten very quickly. Me and my brother always devour Christmas cake.

    If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a few of my Christmas presents. Jay outdid himself this year with some rather fabulous pink walking boots and another Tatty Devine necklace to add to my collection. My mum's been trying to get me into walking boots since I was about five years old, with little success, so I told Jay I'd wear them if he could find pink ones. My main Christmas present was a fantastic leather jacket (that I may have ordered myself from ASOS on behalf of my mum, because she couldn't figure out the website), which I'm sure will feature on this blog at some point soon.

    Obviously, Christmas came with a lot of family traditions, food, boxing day walks etc. But this year me and Jay went away with thirteen other of his family members to the Peak District for a couple of days. We visited Chatsworth house, which I've been to before, but only in the gardens. This time we went into the house which had some spectacular decorations, all themed around the Nutcracker. I've got a thousand pictures to edit and get through, so hopefully I'll get a separate blog post up about that. I rather enjoyed this floral Christmas tree though.

    Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

    Hope you all had a lovely week and enjoy whatever you're doing for new year tonight!

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    1. Happy New Year!
      Great Christmas presents, he's a keeper for sure!
      I know what you mean about Spotify, I often get sucked down a rabbit hole of both new and old music. I love it though. x