• Thursday, 8 December 2016

    Cheap Ways to Improve Your Gift Wrapping

    Everyone finished their Christmas shopping yet? It's both my least and most favourite part about the festive season. I hate shopping in December, so much to my mother's despair, I usually have it all finished in November. But gift wrapping, that's my favourite. And everybody seems to have their traditions associated around it, that usually involve Christmas films and hot chocolate. 

    1. Coordinate your wrapping paper. I don't know about you, but I'm a total over-buyer. I always end up buying people an extra little present and then sticking them together. I always find coordinating the prints of your wrapping paper and adding some ribbon make them look much nicer. If you're using plain wrapping paper, a patterned ribbon in a similar colour works nicely. 
    2. Add sweets. Candy canes and chocolate coins are a favourite of mine. And if you add sweets it's basically an extra present.
    3. Buy cheap and cheerful. All of the gift tags, ribbon and gift wrap I buy is from cheap places like Poundland, Wilkinson or Home Bargains. I picked up some gorgeous ribbon in Aldi recently. If you dig around you can find some rather nice things. 
    4. Add decorations. For the really extravagant amongst you, you can pick up individual decorations for less than a pound and add them as a gift tag. These wooden Noel ones I found were 75p each from Wilkinsons. Small baubles make good options too and they usually come in a large pack for not a lot of money.
    5. Double curl your ribbon. You know that cheap ribbon you get in packs of three that come with shiny bows. Well, curling your ribbon again with scissors makes it so much prettier.
    6. Wrap circular presents as crackers. This is a trick that I picked up from a handmade Christmas book when I was about ten. Whenever I get a cylindrical present, I roll the paper as normal and then use ribbon at the ends to gather them to a point and cut the edge into triangles. You've got to leave enough on either edge for this look to work. 
    7. Get creative. I've seen people cut up old Christmas cards for gift tags, wrap presents with old newspapers or magazines, or just draw directly onto the paper with sharpies. Pinterest is full of good ideas, it just takes a bit of sifting.
    8. Make bows. When in doubt, put a bow on it. My favourite method is to fold over large ribbon and then use thinner ribbon to tie a knot in the centre. Traditional twine is always good too.

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