• Monday, 19 December 2016

    A Very Pink Christmas

    So if you follow me on twitter, or just know my general style at all, you'll know I've been dying to get a pink Christmas tree for years. I wanted kitsch 50s decorations and bright colours and general tackiness. But I also love my traditional red, gold and green, as does Jay. The only solution to this problem was clear, buy two trees! 

    This unfortunately isn't an option due to budget and space limitations, so when on an insomniac delve into the internet, I found this £3, 1ft high pink tree from The Works I jumped for joy. Well, on the inside anyway, I try not to wake up Jay when I'm awake sillily late. I ordered it for click and collect and I only just got it now, but I'm so pleased with how it looks. I think it works wonderfully with our bright yellow dining table and I'm rather excited about the chance to use these cupcake ornaments.

    Pink tree - The Works
    Baubles - Poundworld
    Lights - Poundland
    Deer decoration, Bird decorations - Tesco
    Cake decoration - Gift

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