• Monday, 12 December 2016

    5 Gift Ideas For Friends on Low Incomes this Christmas*

    Okay, without getting too political, or I'll try not to because this isn't what I have this blog for, (I totally will get political at some point on this blog, I mean, it's inevitable) I'm going to say that it's a pretty hard time to be a person without money right now.
    I mean, it always has been, but our government right now is really uncaring towards low earners. Yes, unemployment has in theory gone down, but the amount of zero hour contracts, part time workers and agency staff has shot up. Basically, people are scraping together money right now. I should know, me and Jay have been on a low income since we got married two and a half years ago.
    So I'm writing this post for the people out there that are doing okay, but have friends that are struggling a bit. Which we all do, regardless of whether or not we know. So without further ado, the best gift ideas for friends on a low income.

    1. Cinema Gift Voucher. We were gifted two quite generous cinema vouchers last Christmas and they've been brilliant. This has meant that when we've been down to our last tenner, but suffering from severe cabin fever, we've been able to go out, have a bit of fun and spend some time together outside the house without feeling guilty. It's also meant that we didn't have to miss seeing the films we really wanted to this year. If films aren't your friends things, theatre or concert tickets work well too.

    2. Food Hampers. Food hampers are quite traditional Christmas gifts, but usually it's quite fancy food. We actually got a food parcel from our church when we lived in Bournemouth, due to an overflow of Foodbank donations over the festive period (well done, humanity) and it was a very useful present. Buy some nice biscuits, some fancy hot chocolate, perhaps a gammon joint and some wine (if they are wine people). When being generous towards people on a low income, some people do have pride that can be hurt if they feel that they're being seen as a charity case. Be careful to make it a present, and not their weekly Tesco shop, if they are likely to be upset by that.

    3. Nice beauty and baths products. When you're on a low income, one of the first things to go is the little luxuries. The shower gel you love, your favourite face wash or lush bath bombs. Because they're not essentials, but they're really nice. And self-care is important and life isn't about the essentials, despite what the Daily Mail tells you.

    4. Magazine / Various Other Subscriptions. Nowadays, you can get subscriptions for anything and everything. Beauty boxes, snack boxes and my personal favourite, luxury period supplies (actually a really good idea for female friends on a low income - sanitary products are expensive). I guarantee you can find something to suit your friend. I'm a massive magazine lover, but I feel really guilty buying them when I'm on a low income, my husband loves his audio book, so his Audible subscription is essential. You could pay for Netflix subscriptions, fancy coffee or gin or even fresh vegetable ones. Pay up front for a years subscription and it will definitely be the gift that keeps on giving.

    5. Vouchers for their Favourite Restaurant. A fairly obvious one, but here you'll be giving your friends the gift of food and an excuse to get out of the house. A particularly good gift for couples on a low budget, as it will provide a free-of-charge date night, essential for everyone. These work well as wedding gifts too and if you're asking, I'm a Wagamama kind of girl.

    *Obviously, if your friends are really struggling to pay bills and for food, donating money for their gas or electric meter, paying for a food shop or filling up their car is more essential than all of these ideas. People are often shy about money problems, so watch out for your friends closely. Christians Against Poverty is a brilliant charity that helps people to budget and manage their debt better and referring a friend to them is a great idea. If you really don't have friends on low income, but want to look after those at Christmas that do, donating to homeless charities and shelters is a good way to do it.

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    1. Love this post and couldn't agree more! We were gifted cinema vouchers before we had the girls and it was so good to know we had a treat even when money was tight x