• Thursday, 1 December 2016

    10 Things from Etsy for the Men in Your Life*

    Beard soap - £7.00

    This beard soap should appeal to al the hairy men in your life, at least those who take pride in their beards. Which seems to be most of them in my experience. Extra points for those who get the LOTR reference.

    Real men love cats mug  - £13.18

    Now, I am usually against anything that starts with 'real men/women...' But I will make exceptions for this mug. Because it's fabulous. Order now, as it's delivered from the US.

    Fox ties - £23.36

    For the dapper and slightly whimsical man in your life, my favourite kind if you ask me, these fox ties should go down a treat.

    Leather cable tidy - £4.80

    I feel these need little explanation, as everybody I know has experienced the nightmare of messy cables.

    Headphone stand - £29.99

    Now, this may be a little specific for me, as I have a sound technician for a husband, but I love this wooden headphone stand. And it's certainly cheaper than the current headphones he's after, believe me.

    Pizza pen - £2.00

    Everyone loves pizza. Everyone needs pens. Combine the two and what do you get? Pizza pen!

    Shaving brush - £55.00

    A little more on the extravagant side, but for the man in your life who has everything, this handmade shaving set is just beautiful.

    Galaxy cuff links - £10.50

    I adore these, I just think they're so pretty and they'll suit any space-obsessed and stylish men you know.

    Leather wash bag - £20.00

    For the classy gentleman, who travels often, this leather wash bag is perfect.

    Guitar bottle opener keyring - £8.00

    Another one that may be somewhat specific to the particular man in my life. Although, I know I am not unique in having a guitar playing husband. And keyring bottle openers have been one of the most useful items I've ever owned.

    *All of the items on this list can be purchased for both men, women and those of any other gender. Really, nothing bad will happen, I promise. But obviously, this list is targeted towards those of traditionally masculine interests and roles. Enjoy shopping!

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