• Monday, 5 December 2016

    10 Stocking Fillers from Etsy - Everything Under £5

    Watermelon earrings - £4.00

    Aren't these just adorable? They're bright and fun and if watermelon isn't your thing, this Etsy shop has lots of other fruity options for you.

    Infinity bracelet - £2.50

    A classic friendship bracelet, it comes in many different colours and you can get two for a fiver. One for you, one for a friend.

    Christmas pudding fudge - £3.00

    Is there anything better than food that looks like other food...? No, good. Glad we agree. Now buy your friends fudge shaped like Christmas pudding.

    Lego brick soap - £3.99

    I adore these soaps. Brightly coloured and gender neutral and if you're really skint, they come in a pack of seven for under £4 which you could easily split up between friends! Perfect for secret santas.

    Hot chocolate reindeer cone - £3.20

    I know, you could probably make this, I'm sure I've seen a Pinterest DIY. But who's got the time? For £3.20 these are cute and will please all ages.

    Pom Pom Stud Earrings - £3.00

    Now, I know you could make these, because I made them. Well, what's a blog post without a bit of shameless self promotion? I've got these in many different colours to suit all tastes.

    Marvel Magnets - £2.50

    I have to say, I've never quite done the whole superhero thing... I know, take away my 'I was a geek in high school' badge. But lots of other people do and for £2.50, these magnets will please many people.

    Roll On Perfume - £4.80

    I don't know about you, but I adore perfume. I seriously collect it. Which is an expensive hobby, I can tell you. These roll on perfumes are cute, transportable and practical. Coming in at just under a fiver, they might be the ultimate hand bag accessory.

    Crown Pen - £1.50

    You are a Queen. Your friends are Queens. They should know that. Give them a pen that makes them feel royal every time they use it. I bet our Queen Liz would approve.

    Dinosaur Magnets - £3.00

    Magnets just make good gifts, okay? There's a reason people always come back from holiday with them. And these dinosaur ones are incredibly cute.

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