• Tuesday, 6 December 2016

    Hopes for 2017

    2016 has been... terrifying.

    The entire world seems to be feeling this way. My personal 2016? Not brilliant, not horrendous. A sort of steady journey of feeling like I'm just about getting somewhere in life, but being knocked back awfully by the constant horrific news that has come so frequently and hits me so personally. (It would sure be nice to maybe not be such an emotional wreck.) I never thought the BBC breaking twitter account would be cause for tears, but it got me, a lot.

    There have been some ups. I quit my retail job that I hated, I met some awesome new people, I worked on fun new events, I went on holiday, I saw a lot of theatre, I drunk gin, I cuddled a lot of cats, I bought a Marc Jacobs handbag (second hand), I upgraded my make-up brush collection, the Harry Potter franchise got bigger, the Gilmore Girls revival... you get the picture.

    So as we draw closer to festive season and nearer to the end of the year, I've been thinking about the upcoming year. Traditionally, we make resolutions. No doubt I will, and no doubt I will break every single one of them. But for now, I'm making a hope-list. If that's a thing. I'm making it a thing. Soz, it sounds a bit cheesy.

    1. I hope we don't lose any more incredible people. Alan Rickman was hard enough, I may just give up entirely if we lose Dame Maggie Smith,Whoopi Goldberg or Bill Nighy. And everyone say a little prayer that I didn't just jinx that.
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    2. I hope more supermarkets and public places put the new disabled signs on their loos. I am sick of the judging looks when I skip the queue.
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    3. I hope that my mental health will improve enough to come off medication. This year the only resolution I stuck to was to go to the GP and get some help for my anxiety and depression. I completed a course of CBT and was started on Citalopram and while I feel that the medication itself has been useful, I also don't really feel like myself on it. Read my post all about anti-depressants here.
    4. I hope the puffer jacket trend dies. Because I will never be able to pull it off.
    5. I hope that a miracle happens and me and Jay somehow buy our own house. And then get our own cats. Because I've spent more time naming my future cats than I've spent considering even the possibility of children.
    6. I hope that this is the year I find a full time job in the arts. Because it's hard to be a freelancer when nobody wants to pay you.
    7. I hope that the new series of Bake Off is the best it's ever been. But I doubt it, because it can't get much purer than these two.
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    9. I hope that hate crimes drop drastically. The news has been full of reports of racially driven violence, threats and harassment in both Britain and the US since racism was validated by both the Brexit vote and the presidential election. It's been heart-breaking. As a white woman, I obviously speak from a place of privilege as it doesn't effect me directly, but it affects my family, my friends, my fellow human beings. All who do not deserve to be treated like this. See what to do if you witness a hate crime, here. And please don't read the comments, like I foolishly just did.
    10. I hope that I get to go on holiday to somewhere new. My travel plans are big, my budget is not. But hopefully we'll be able to afford a trip to somewhere we've never been. I'm hoping Thailand over a small Welsh island, but I'll take what I get.
    11. I hope that Donald Trump doesn't become president and Brexit doesn't happen. A girl can dream, right?

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