• Sunday, 4 December 2016

    10 Gifts from Etsy for your Female Friends*

    Mean Girls Pencils - £6.52

    The classic Etsy gift to end all gift guides, the Mean Girls pencil set. Because everyone in their sane minds, loves Mean Girls, and if they don't then you probably shouldn't be their friend anyway.

    Alcohol Teacups - £59.32

    A little on the pricey side, but so worth it as these are clearly, the only classy way to enjoy a drink at home. Another option is to split them up between friends according to their drink of choice.

    Feminist Jumper - £16.31

    Get your friends to wear their opinions on their chest in this cosy jumper.

    Sassy Cat Collar Tag - £12.00

    A little bit specific to those friends who own cats - the best kind of friends - but these sassy tags for your friends' cat collars will let both your friend, and your friends' cat will know who loves them the most. Or at least, who wants them to be the sassiest version of themselves.

    Silk Eye Mask - £16.00

    I cannot tell you how much getting a sleeping mask changed my life. I suffer from horrendous insomnia, and being able to black out all light has made things so much better. I've currently got a satin effect one, but I'm looking to upgrade to a silk soon - because, y'know, skincare. This one is fabulously patterned as well as being kind on your eyes.

    Prosecco Make Up Bag - £12.00

    Nobody can ever have too many make up bags, I'd swear to that. And this one is obviously a little bit of fun for those of us who like to celebrate properly.

    Skull Candles - £13.50 for two

    These candles are gorgeous and come in a huge range of colours. Though I doubt many of your friends would actually ever burn them, because why would you ruin them, but I bet they'll look pretty on your friends' mantlepieces.

    Personalised Stemless Wine Glasses - £8.24

    Wow, a lot of alcohol themed gifts in this list. Maybe that says something about my friends. I still love these though and if your friends are anything like mine (which they should be, by the way), they'll love them too.

    A5 Light Box - £20.93

    Light boxes are all the rage right now and this one is cute, small and affordable.

    Mint Ring Dish - £12

    I find jewellery dishes so useful, I could do with another three around the house and I bet I'm not the only person to feel this way. This one is very cute and I believe you can get it in a peach colour too, if mint isn't your thing.

    *Once again, there is nothing to stop you purchasing these gifts for the male sex. However, if they subscribe to traditional male gender roles and you want them to like you still, maybe avoid it.

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