• Friday, 18 November 2016

    Jammy Dodger cocktails, early Christmas shopping and Vivienne Westwood #LittleLoves

    I'm finally finding some time to read the diaries of Vivienne Westwood, a book I got when I went to hear the woman herself speak as part of Manchester Literature festival, back in October. Westwood is one of my all time heroes, basically because she's bonkers and I love the way she constantly refers to the 'rotten financial system.' Her words. She's such a cool lady that proves that you can love clothes, fashion and everything else that is considered shallow and still be an amazing political activist. Also, go switch to green energy. We all promised her we'd tell everyone that.

    I recently binged my way through The Crown on Netflix, it's such an excellent series. Beautiful clothes, excellent drama and a fantastic cast. Although I am uncomfortable with the fact that I have realised that I fancy Matt Smith in his role as Prince Philip. Because that's Prince Philip and ew.

    I also went to see I, Daniel Blake at Home in Manchester and it was rather incredible. Enjoyed is the wrong word for it, seen as I sobbed, but it is an exceptional film and painfully realistic. If you're up for realising some harsh truths about Britain's benefit system and coming out in full on activist mode, please go see this. I mean, please go see it anyway, because it's really important for everyone.

    I haven't really discovered any new music recently, but I have become obsessed with this Spotify playlist. It's guaranteed to put me in a good mood and a lot of it is very nostalgic and makes me feel about 16 again.

    I know, I know, it's way too early to start Christmas things. But (please don't hate me), I have finished 90% of my wrapping this week! I've been sat in my living room making lots of bows and pretty things, because unadorned parcels are just boring if you ask me. And yes, that does mean I've done my Christmas shopping a month early. I like to get it done now because I cannot stand shopping in December. Manchester on a regular Saturday stresses me out, let alone Manchester with the Christmas markets (which are all up and selling now for those interested) and panic buying. I still have a few basic extras to purchase and I've got a couple of things still to come, but I'm almost there!

    I recently had a wonder through Primark, which is quite rare for me and came away with a couple of gems that I've lived in lately. Firstly, a fabulous glitzy headband that makes me feel like it's the 90s again or I'm pretending to be Blair Waldorf. Jay calls it my crown. And secondly, another fuzzy jumper. This one's mint green and cropped and cost me £8 and I just love it. See the selfie in my sidebar for reference, becuase I'm wearing both there!

    My friend Sam / Jay's boss Sam turned 25 this week and to celebrate we went out to Junkyard Golf in Piccadilly. I've been wanting to go for ages although I am highly disappointed by the fact that Jay beat me by two points, something that has never happened before. I pride myself on the fact that Jay sucks at mini golf and it's what we do when I want to feel superior (this is totally healthy behaviour...). Maybe he's been practicing in secret, or maybe it was the pre-golf cocktails that got me. Still, if you're in Manchester, it's definitely worth a visit. There's even a slide! In golf... for grown ups. Woot.

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    1. So pleased that you've joined in Martha!
      I'm such a sucker for a bit of nostalgia via Spotify (thought it does have the downside of making me old, but I'll gloss over that bit).
      I really must see I, Daniel Blake, it's times like this that I wish I lived somewhere like Manchester where access to more independent cinema is easier.
      Well done of your Christmas prep, I really must get it on and get more organised with mine.
      Have a lovely weekend xx

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