• Saturday, 26 November 2016

    All I want for Christmas...

    It's that time of year again.. just. I've actually had this list mentally written since about October, but the big day is less than a month away, and if you ask me it is officially acceptable to discuss Christmas now and act like a demanding 5 year old with your parents and stamp your feet if you don't get what you want... No? You guys don't do that..? But despite my behaviour, although I think that's how Santa works, this is what I'd like to wake up to on Christmas morning. Besides breakfast.

    From Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

    1. Pretty Iconic - Sali Hughes
      Sali Hughes is pretty much the be all and end all of beauty writers. Although I don't often have the patience for endless beauty journalism (get to the clothes already, right?), Sali is one who's opinion I truly trust. This book discussing the world's most iconic beauty products - think Chanel No 5 etc - is right up my street.
    2. Pineapple Jar - H&M
      Is there anybody in existence / on Instagram who doesn't love the pineapple trend? I adore it, but I am yet to put it in my home. Therefore I need this pineapple jar in my life. Obv.
    3. Persian Cat Necklace - Tatty Devine
      I could write several songs about my love for Tatty Devine and all that they do. And then they went and upped the game by releasing a range in collaboration with Battersea Cats and Dogs home. And it's perfection. The Persian cat necklace is my current favourite, but the Labrador is also exceptionally cute. If you haven't looked through the range yet, you're missing out.
    4. Tattoo Eyeliner - Kat Von D
      Rumour has it that my prayers of an eyeliner that's blacker than the darkest night and has the capability of staying put in our British weather have been answered in this product. I've only recently upgraded from the Collection Extreme Eyeliner (a very good budget option) to Soap and Glory's Cat Eye, which is pretty good for the price, but I still have a problem with a watering right eye the second wind appears. I have heard many, many good things about this product, from beauty bloggers and friends alike and I think it's time I tried it myself.
    5. Flamingo Slippers - ASOS
      As a teenager, I could never have outlandish 3D slippers due to a certain puppy I had that found them to be threatening new pets trying to replace him, who would then spend 10 minutes attacking my feet. Now, as an adult, I'm obsessed with owning a pair. And these are amazing.
    6. Puma gold trainers - Office
      I've been toying with the trainer trend for a while now, and as I recently bought myself my first pair of jeans in over seven years, I feel like these are more than justified. Plus, they're gold. And perfect.
    7. Girl Up - Laura Bates
      Laura Bates is one of my all time heroes. She's a captivating speaker, passionate about what she's preaching and an exceptional writer. Despite not being born with the typical loud-moth, shouty personality that many famous feminists are born with, she always inspires. I got through her first book, Everyday Sexism (named so after the project - look it up on twitter) incredibly fast and with a very sad heart and I can't wait to put myself through even more emotional torture. In the name of gender equality.
    8. Ruby Woo - Mac
      I've wanted this lipstick for many a year, and yet have never gotten round to buying it myself. It's a classic and I'm yet to own it, which makes me sad.
    9. Leather Jacket - Mango
      I think this Mango leather jacket might be perfection itself. I am a loyal leather (look) jacket weather and I'm on about my sixth one, which is sadly falling apart. Literally, it's in an appalling state but I cannot get rid of it until I have a replacement. It is such a fundamental part of my wardrobe, I won't know how to function. I think it's about time I grew up and invested in a luxury real leather jacket, sorry vegans.

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