• Sunday, 27 November 2016

    A week of theatre, feminism and Black Friday shopping #LittleLoves

    So this may be a couple of days late... apologies. I suck. Or, y'know, work gets in the way.


    I haven't taken much time out to read this week, but I did pick up Elle's December issue. I don't usually read Elle, as I subscribe to so many other monthlies, it just never makes the cut. But December is their feminism issue and has been for the past three years. I remember their first one well, as it came out just at the time I was planning my final major project with uni, all about sexism. Excellent timing. I'm rather enjoying it.


    I have had an absolutely excellent week of theatre. Last Saturday I got £5 tickets to see E15 at The Lowry's studio theatre, a fringe show about the Focus E15 campaign group of mothers protesting Newham's (my old home town) cuts to housing. Then this Wednesday the Lowry also offered me £5 tickets for the National Ballet of China's performance of The Peony Pavillion. And last night, my friend Amy got me tickets to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Opera House. Overall, I'm pretty chuffed with how little I've spent to see all this theatre. Find your local theatre deals, guys! The Lowry's deal for Salford residents is excellent.


    I've been feeling really nostalgic with my music this week / always and playing old King Blues albums very loudly and feeling very angry at society. Nothing like a good bit of ska punk to kick start your activist side.


    I've been busy making and organising some new stock for my shop. I got a delivery of a huge, mixed bag of Scrabble tiles to add to my collection this week and I'm excited to get stuck in. Keep an eye out on Etsy for me!


    I haven't worn anything super exciting this week, because I've ever been at work in boring clothes or having days in the house getting on with life admin. I have, however, done a bit of Black Friday shopping and browsing and did end up adding this fabulous skirt to my basket. Also, check out these gold boots I found in the River Island sale. You'll have already seen them if you follow me on Instagram (@marthamylove_). I did leave them behind, because despite my protests, most ankle boots cut my short legs in half and that is just not a look I can pull off. *sigh*


    I had the utter joy of meeting up with my oldest friends last weekend. I've been part of the same group of seven girls since primary school, but it's so rare that we all meet up together. Working around seven separate schedules is not easy. But, the impossible happened last week and we managed to get ourselves together for Hema's birthday and have a lovely afternoon tea at the Mad Hatter's in Preston, followed by several cocktails in Turtle Bay. Sunday night drinking is the best, because bars are always empty. There is nothing quite like the therapy of cake, cocktails and best friends.

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    1. I'm very jealous of your theatre going! I need to be more organised and look for shows and book in babysitters.
      You are so right, the combination of cake, cocktails and friends is such a wonderful thing. xx