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    What's On My Dressing Table | Make Up Storage

    What's On My Dressing Table | Alternative Acrylic Storage

    One of the things I was most looking forward to about moving out of student housing was to have a dedicated dressing table, opposed to a desk cross dining table cross beauty parlour. So when we moved into our tiny one-bedroom I found a way to squeeze in my little desk. We've been living here for nine months and I'm finally happy with it. This is what it looked like when we first got here. As a student I used to keep all of my make up in a cutlery sorter either in a draw on on top of my desk and I'm very glad to say that I've finally joined the cool kids club and bought myself some acrylic storage (none of which is muji!).

    What's On My Dressing Table | Alternative Acrylic Storage

    First up, the desk itself was a £40 flat pack job from Argos, I couldn't afford anything much prettier than this at the time and it's held up surprisingly well. It's on my imaginary list of 'home improvements to make when we have money' but until that fantasy day comes, it'll do for now. It houses all of my make up, perfume and hair tools nicely with a little bathroom caddy next to it for all other products (that is insanely disorganised and was therefore excluded from these photos).

    The mirror, which could do with a clean, was a £2.50 ebay purchase that I painted a painful shade of pink (much to the Mr's delight) with some tester pots I had left over. 

    Unintentionally, all of my storage systems were bought at TKMaxx at one time or another. I use the wooden rotating pot for hairbrushes, combs and rollers, plus it fits my medication (the shiny pink pouch) which helps to remind me to take it. I've seen it still available at various TKMaxx's in several colours and from what I recall it wasn't more than £5. It's one of those great versatile pieces that I could probably repurpose in many different ways.

    The teal acrylic pot was found for £2.99 if I recall correctly, and was one of those purchases that had to be justified. But who doesn't need a place for their cotton wool pads and buds? The acrylic drawer set was my most recent purchase for £14.99 and I'm thrilled with it. Like every other blogger on the planet, I've been lusting after the 5 drawer Muji set, which would probably be a little too big for my needs, truthfully. This, believe it or not, fits my entire make up collection happily (nail varnish excluded... that's a whole different game). I have it separated into brushes, foundations and primers, eye make up, lip balms, eyeshadow and other palettes and the draw at the bottom is reserved for lipstick and liners.

    Other than those three main storage pots; I keep my little brushes, tweezers and files in the little jar next to it, with a custom-designed (i.e I got bored and drew a cat on a mug...) mug to house my handcreams and a tiny, very essential jewellery dish.

    My perfume collection, as you can see, just sits out in a semi organised mess and consists of a good range of budget Body Shop and fancy Chanel products. Dot, by Marc Jacobs is my most recent addition, found in the January sales and I do adore it.

    And lastly, this little doll was given to me for my 16th birthday by some school friends and has somehow travelled with me through all of my many desks. There's no particular reason (I think it's technically meant to promote serenity? I just think it's sweet) for it, except that every surface needs a few trinkets or another.

    I'm such a big believer in good storage for everything being the key to organisation and fascinated by other people's methods. How do you store your make up and beauty products?


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