• Friday, 20 March 2015

    The ultimate prom dresses by ASOS

    For the first time in my life, I find myself jealous of sixteen year old girls. Why? Well, they have an excuse to wear some of these beautiful dresses. Prom. Leavers Do. Or, if you went to my school and liked to pretend you were posh, the Valedictory Dinner. 

    At my own prom, I wore a white halter-neck dress* decorated with very large pink roses, that my friend Michael described joyfully as 'you look like a pair of curtains.' Charming.

    Well, jokes on him because floral curtain print fabric is back with a vengeance, and I love it. 

    ASOS, the wonderful people that they are, have recently brought out a delightful range of dresses to prepare us all for the upcoming celebratory months. Weddings, garden parties, holidays, proms... it is the season! Or at least, it will be soon once the grey clouds have cleared. So in preparation for that, I bring you my pick of the collection, in three key trends: floral, tulle and statement. Yes, I've decided that 'statement' counts as a dress. Go with it. 

    (From L-R) Yellow tulle midi dress, £55. Cream tulle maxi dress, £95. Crystal midi dress, £180.

    ASOS's full prom collection can be found here.

    *note to any future prom-goers, if you're above a D-cup, don't wear a halter-neck bra, you will undo it halfway through the night from the sheer neck pain and have a very devoted friend walk behind you holding the straps up.


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