• Thursday, 26 February 2015

    Lilac, layers and leather.

    Can we all agree that we're sick of winter now? Good. Because I am so ready for a bit of sun, in February, ever the optimist me. Having said that, there is very little weather that can keep me away from the beach. Being a five minute walk from the flat might have something to do with it. 

    It was a rare day off for Jay on Wednesday (#cheflife) so we ventured to the sea front for a leisurely walk into town and to take advantage of the last ever Orange Wednesday. Plus, the theory was that we timed it well enough to shoot during golden hour. Which didn't work quite as well as we planned, next time we'll learn to account for cloud coverage. Darn winter.

    I bought this dress last summer before our honeymoon to Athens as my mother told me I needed 'floaty, light clothes' whatever that means, to survive in the Greek sun. Since then, this dress has been put on the bench a little as, for Britain, there's really not enough fabric to be considered decent. Why is it when you're on holiday you feel completely comfortable exposing twice as much as you would at home? 

    I'm actually a little bit ashamed to admit how long it took me to even consider wearing this dress in winter. Layering, leather jackets and boots fix any summer dress, that's like the first thing they teach you at fashion school. Amateur. It's made worse when I think about how many times I've worn this stripey, long-sleeved crop top lately. I seriously need about 5 more, it's come in handy so many times during this awkward season-switching period. Lilac, floaty dress, I apologise for your unnecessary suspension, consider yourself reinstated as a permanent member of Martha's wardrobe. Feel honoured.  

    * Don't know why I'm posing with my hands in my pockets in 95% of these. I'm not hiding anything, honest.

    Dress, stripey top (both H&M). Leather jacket (Charity shop). Necklace (Primark - old). Bag (Accessorize - old). Boots (Marks & Spencer). Belt (Primark)

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