• Thursday, 18 December 2014

    Christmas Gift Guide # 3: Last Minute and Under £5

    So it's less than a week until Christmas, are we prepared yet? Fear not, I come bearing gifts... of a gift guide. Everything below is under £5 and from an Etsy shop based here in the UK, so there is just enough time to order. All of these would make excellent stocking stuffers, won't break your probably already stretched wallet and will be supporting independent shops, yay for good things like that.

    1. This owl phone cover is cute, quirky and cosy and for £5 it's very cute.
    2. For £4, this cat ring can be yours, or a friend, the shop has lots of other options if you're not a fan of this little guy though.
    3. I love these bumblebee earrings and for £3 they're a very purse friendly gift option
    4. Whatever happened to bookmarks? They're so practical and much prettier than using a receipt/kitkat wrapper/whatever happens to be around. This one is very sweet and for £1.75 you can't really argue.
    5. Everyone loves marshmallows and these ones are handmade in Manchester for just £3.50, they'd make a great gift for any hot chocolate lover your know, which frankly should be everyone.
    6. I don't think I've ever said no to a pretty notebook, you can never have enough, particularly at £5.
    7. Beyonce badges, for a £1 each, need I say more?
    8. Got a printer? This £3.50 print is the quickest last-minute gift there could be as it's an instant download (etsy's full of these). Print it out and grab a frame, voila. Excellent for coffee lovers.
    9. Handmade lip balm is always a good idea, it's December and lips need a lot of care, for £2.99 with cute packaging you can't really go wrong.


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