• Wednesday, 17 December 2014

    A Festive Trip to the Capital: Photo Diary

    On Monday I took the train to London to spend some quality time with Mumma Smith, a semi-regular tradition that we started when I moved to the other end of the country. A two hour train journey for both of us is much more acceptable than a five hour cross country trip. Plus, my big brother already lives and works there so it's always good to have a catch up dinner. We didn't have anything specific planned, so when we met at Waterloo we decided to wander down South bank and see the Christmas markets, most Christmas markets in Britain seem to sell the same things, but they're a nice little festive tradition anyway.

    We walked from Waterloo down to the Tate Modern, across the Millenium bridge to St Pauls and then after a quick hot chocolate stop, made our way to Covent Garden. Or attempted to, it's been twelve years since either me or my mum lived in London and neither of our senses of directions are the best, so we may have gotten a little lost, but we found our way there eventually.

    Covent Garden is pretty much my favourite place in the world, my parents used to take me there a lot as a child, because hey, free entertainment for children in London, so it's very nostalgic for me. And they always make such an impressive effort with Christmas decorations. It's just a fantastic place for people watching, plus the Monday antique market is always worth checking out. Also, please do appreciate the picture of the giant Christmas tree, do you know how hard it was to get this? People kept standing in front of it, darn inconsiderate of them if you ask me.

    Just as it was turning dark, we headed to Oxford Street, mostly to look at pretty lights and window displays and then walk past the Salvation Army band, it was all wonderfully festive. I absolutely adore London at Christmas, I love London at the best of times but it's almost impossible to not get into the spirit of things when so much effort has gone in to just making the place look pretty.

    Also, how cool are the lights on Carnaby Street? Very appropriate for it. I tortured my very normal brother by taking far too long window shopping at Irregular Choice, my love of inappropriate and ridiculous footwear knows no bounds.

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