• Tuesday, 25 November 2014

    Christmas Gift Guide # 1: For the lovely ladies in your life

    Christmas is exactly a month away - are you organised yet? Gift shopping can be both the most exciting and most stressful thing about the season. And I, like many others, am often guilty of last minute and thoughtless shopping. If you follow any cool people on instagram - which I'm sure you do - you'll probably have seen this image below from Lola Head designs. Christmas makes a lot of money, for a lot of people and I think it's time to share the wealth. There are so many fantastic independent online boutiques out there, run by so many fantastic people - all whom could probably use the money more than Boots can! 

    I'd like to support this campaign in any way I can, so as well as actually planning ahead with my presents I wanted to put together a little series of gift guides, for the utterly clueless among you! All the images below are selected from items that have been on my Etsy favourites for far too long, I'd be absolutely thrilled to either give or receive any of these this year. I've got a few more gift-guides planned, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

    1. For the mean girls fans in your life (i.e every woman in her twenties to exist, ever), this set of six pencils come in at £5.24 (plus postage) and would work as a fantastic stocking filler or for any difficult secret Santa gifts you may need.
    2. Ah, the infamous Carrie necklace - there are few women in my life that wouldn't treasure a personalised gold plated necklace and at less than £30, it doesn't break the bank either. Order quickly in time for Christmas.
    3. I love rings and I love turquoise. This stunner is being sold for just under £14.
    4. I just think that nobody who owns a camera should be expected to wear an ugly Nikon strap around their neck: this scarf camera necklace is wonderfully stylish and under £17. 
    5. Lets face it, anybody who is anybody wants to adorn their walls in cute Etsy prints and I love these quotes ones from WisePrints, this particular one is under a tenner and features the ultimate coming-of-age novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. There's loads to pick from, so take some time to find the perfect one for you.
    6. People who don't like giraffes are rubbish people and you shouldn't be buying them awesome presents like this make-up bag anyway. But just in case you've got un-giraffe-loving friends, there's a huge selection of animal-themed bags from BenWineWine. 
    7. Guys, I love turquoise. And I love the girl that made this necklace, which can be yours for £5.00. My friend Emily's shop SoulmatesNeverDie has lots of cute jewellery that would serve as the ultimate present for one of your best friends, from one of mine.
    8. Do you even need a reason to buy super-shiny, really-pretty, gold notebooks? Everyone need these in their life, and at £7 for three, they're a pretty great deal too. 

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